SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT CANTALOUPE: It's been called the "magic" color because the colors change according to the amount and type of light. It ranges from the color of honeydew melon, to pale pinks, to soft mauves. In low light it's resembles the very pretty Shadow Crystal. This is a crystal you must see in person in order for pictures to do it justice.

Vitrail AB**

(very colorful.. the color changes as the light hits this beautiful crystal)

Tanzanite X2AB


also available in 6mm rounds


The 3 colors above are VERY limited.

**Select crystals are available with AB = Swarovski'sŪ famous Aurora Borealis 
finish on the back of the bead for adding extra sparkle.

The Swarovski crystal cubes listed blow are used in the 'SHINING STAR' bracelet found on the SPECIALTY BRACELETS page. http://www.planetbeans.com/SpecialtyBracelets.htm
<special note: Swarovski crystal cube beads more a bit more expensive than the other crystals I normally use therefore I don't stock many of them. 
If you have a bracelet creation in mind that you will need some cubed beads.. please email me for a quote.>

TOP: white background
BOTTOM: black background

ALSO AVAILABLE IN CUBES: Alexandrite, Alexandrite AB, Amethyst, and Light Sapphire


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