TOP: January (3), February (2), April (3), May (2)
BOTTOM: July (2), September (1),
October (2), November (3)

<click for larger view>

EVERY charm comes on a card like shown above


TOP: January (1), March(1)
BOTTOM: July (1), August (2), September (1), October (1), November (1)
February: not pictured -purple (1)

These charms are very limited and I will not be able to get them back in stock. 
Click on all graphics for larger view.

One very unique thing about these charms is that you can change them out as you wish. They each have a clasp attachment so you can hook them onto your favorite piece of jewelry. 
Also great to use as zipper pulls.

Buy 3 get 1 FREE on ALL Simply Charming charms!

These charms retail in stores for $5-6. Your cost here at "Bracelets by Lisa" is $4 per charm!
You can purchase separately or with a bracelet. I will send your charm on the card it came on.

Brenda ordered 5 charms and writes: “Hi, Lisa! Just a quick note to let you know; that I received my charms, today. Wanted to let you know; that I've had time, finally, to stop and open my package of charms. Lisa; they are "adorable" and of much better quality, than I had expected....for such a low price. I can't wait; to find the charm bracelet, I have packed away somewhere, and attach them to it. This bracelet is going to be, just what I had wanted and with the charms I ordered. Thank you; so much, for finding these charms and selling them, when you did. They are perfect and I'm so pleased to have them. Take care. Thank you, again. Sincerely, Your Friend, Brenda”







flirt w/dangle


Sterling silver charms

Bear - $4
Mom heart - $4

#1 Grandma - $4
2004 vertical - $4
Ball, bat, glove - $3
Awareness ribbon (small) 15mm x 10mm - $3
Awareness ribbon (large) 25mm x 12mm - $5


heart or star $2 each
out of stock

This is actually two separate charms to be used on two separate bracelets for "BEST FRIENDS"! Cost is $5 for both NOT each piece.

solid heart $3
out of stock

music note $4

Chinese symbol for long life $5


4-leaf clover with hearts $2

Awareness ribbon charm
15mm x 10mm (small)

Foot or Sunflower charm - $5

Girl or Boy charm $5
boy is out of stock

Christian Fish - $5
Sweet 16 - $5
'Breast Cancer' Ribbon - $4
'Survivor' Ribbon - $4
I Love Football - $5 each


Dragonfly - $4

plain or decorative crosses $2 each

The dragonfly and mini Thai toggle clasp have all been individually hand made by Hill Tribe people in Northern Thailand. View all toggles

#1 Teacher - $5
out of stock

apple charm - $5

Hope - $5 : Peace - $5
both of these charms are double-sided. Hope is on both sides, Peace is on one with a peace symbol on the other.


Crackle beads
These beads are 6mm and I have a selection of some great colors. It is advised that you not get your crackle beads wet. Given the problems I had with a batch of crackle beads purchased elsewhere about a year ago, I don't want you to take a chance at the colors fading. If you can't keep from getting your beads wet I recommend that you not order a bracelet containing crackle beads.

I will combine any number of different colored crackle beads on a bracelet.

$10 bracelet without sterling beads
$12 bracelet with sterling beads
$15 anklet
with or without sterling beads



bubble gum


dark aqua


hot pink

light amethyst/light green

light aqua






These stretch anklets are available in orange, pink, blue, green, and purple. These anklets are made on stretch cord so one size fits most. All anklets come individually packaged on a cardboard header in plastic bags. These anklets would make great party favors.

PRICE: $2 each or buy 4 get 1 free.


1 green available - 2 orange available

1 purple available - 2 blue available

3 pink available (2 ballerina, 1 cheerleader)


Toe rings featuring a pair of dainty crystal flowers on a clear stretchy band. These can also be used as rings. To give you an idea of size, the crystal flowers together measure 7/16 of an inch across. Just under 1/2 inch. Very cute.. now to keep them away from my daughter and her friends. She's already claimed one. LOL
PRICE: $1 each

Colors available are: red (1), aqua blue (1), pink (1), crystal clear (6)










Jonquil, Cranberry, Light Amethyst, Light Sapphire


<click for larger view>

<click for larger view>

The above earrings are sterling silver and are made with DAVID CHRISTENSEN furnace art cane glass beads (white, purple, black, clear), sterling silver sparkle roundels, Swarovski Jet and Light Amethyst crystals.

The above earrings are sterling silver and are made with DAVID CHRISTENSEN furnace art cane glass beads (white, black, clear), sterling silver sparkle roundels, Swarovski Jet and Crystal Clear crystals.

Charlene ordered 5 bracelets and a pair of earrings (on the right) and writes: "Hi Lisa! The bracelets are remarkable, as always, I love mine! The earrings are just totally beautiful, so glad I ordered them. I haven't sent my friend, traci, her bracelet yet, but will let you know her reaction, which will be of total surprise, LOL. I can't remember whom I ordered the other two bracelets for, so they are both still here in view and probably going to end up on my wrist too, LOL. Except for the 7½ sized one, it's too big for me; siggggggh. I really fancy the, pale multi-coloured one. It is my size!

Tina ordered the earrings on the left and writes: "Hey Lis! Guess what came today?? Yeppers!! Just had to have a little faith! The earrings are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! OH MY! Worth the wait! Mahalo plenty! Hugs, Tina" 
<< NOTE: These earrings took almost 2 MONTHS to arrive. LOL >>

PRICE: $10-12 each
top to bottom measurement - 2 inches long



There are other earrings available that haven't yet been made. If you are looking for specific colors or style please email me to let me know. 

AVAILABLE EARRING PAIRS ~ perfectly matched!

<click for larger view>


<click for larger view>

This zipper pull, cell phone strap, key chain adornment etc. is made with the finest beading wire (Soft Flex 49 strand) available so it is very sturdy. It is also made with sterling silver sparkle beads, sterling silver smooth beads, a large DAVID CHRISTENSEN furnace art cane glass bead (blues, pinks, purples), Swarovski Aquamarine and Violet crystals, and a matching furnace glass slice in the same pattern. It is attached to a very secure clip that can be used for a zipper pull whether on a purse, backpack, jacket, cell phone strap, or a key chain adornment. Lots of different uses!

TOTAL length including clip is 4 inches

PRICE $8 each

I have the large furnace glass available in blues, purples, and pinks! If you'd like to see a picture of the available larger (1 inch) long beads I would be happy to take pictures for you.


If you'd like to know the specifics on any of the above 13 clips feel free to email me.

Pictured above.. more available long tubes for clips.

Eileen ordered a "clip" and writes: "Gorgeous! Love it! I'll tell my friends about your website. Thanks, Lisa."

<click for larger view>

Paula ordered this key chain for her Mom. There is a lot of meaning in each strand.
Strand 1 features the grandchildren's birthstones and a sterling silver #1 Grandma charm.

Strand 2 features the birthstones of Paula's Father who recently passed away, her Mom's birthstone, and the birthstone for the month they were married, along with a sterling silver solid heart charm.

Strand 3 features the children's birthstones and a sterling silver MOM charm.

Sterling silver sparkle beads have been added throughout.

Paula writes: "Lisa – The keychain arrived yesterday and it’s exactly what I wanted! My mom cried when I gave it to her.  Your work is spectacular! And I love that I can just tell you what I want and you can make it! Now I want a keychain for myself!!! LOL.  Thanks again!!  Paula"  

<click for larger view>

Paula ordered this key chain for herself after receiving the key chain posted above. 

Strand 1 features the birthstones of Paula's children.

Strand 2 features Paula, her husband, and the month they were married.

Paula also ordered a 4-strand key chain which I forgot to get a finished picture of.

Paula writes: "Hey Lisa – The key chains arrived today and just like your other work, they are BEAUTIFUL.  I put mine on my key ring immediately.  Marie’s bday isn’t until July but I don’t think I can wait that long to give it to her.  Thanks for being so understanding and designing things based on my “whims”!!  I will be a returning customer that is for sure!! Thanks again! Paula"

<click for larger view>

Jamie and Paula have ordered this "teachers" key chain. The crystal colors each have their own special meaning. Jamie shared a poem with me which is to be given with the key chain as an explanation for the different crystal colors. The crystal colors can be arranged in different ways or you can make up your own poem for extra special meaning. Below are the two poems that were shared with me. You can choose your favorite sterling silver charm from those listed on my ETC page. This can also be made as a bracelet.

Price depends on charm.

POEM 1: As Yellow as the sunshine you welcomed us one by one. You were always ready and eager to have a new day of fun. Purple is for the patience you have shown throughout the year. Helping us through our problems and making them all so Clear. The color Red represents our class and all the friends we've made. and Green is for the color go as we move up to the next grade. Blue is how we feel knowing the year must end We wish you a happy summer and well wishes we do send.

POEM 2: This special key chain is made just for you. To be a reminder of the things you do. Green is for the inspiration you give each day. Purple is for your patience in showing the way. Blue is for your warmth and your caring style. Yellow is for the way that you always smile. Red is for the lives that you will touch this year. You are a very special teacher that much is Clear.

Jamie writes: "Hi Lisa, Today I received the teacher key chain and it came out awesome!!! I'm so glad I asked you to make it. I'm glad I got to see the keychain in person so of course I'll be ordering myself one soon!! I can't wait to see my Moms. Thanks!"

<click for larger view>

Jamie ordered this key chain for her Mom. Each strand holds special meaning.

Strand 1 features the children's birthstones and a sterling silver MOM charm.

Strand 2 features the birthstones of Jamie's Mother & Father and the birthstone for the month they were married, along with a sterling silver solid heart charm.

Strand 3 features the grandchildren's birthstones and a sterling silver #1 Grandma charm.

Sterling silver sparkle beads have been added throughout.

Jamie writes: “Hi Lisa, Yesterday I received my Mom's keychain! It is SOOOOO pretty! I actually think it's too pretty to use as a key chain :) Not sure when I'm giving it to her but I'll let you know what she thinks....she's a pretty big critic..LOL! Thanks once again for a job well done!”

UPDATE ~ Jamie writes: "Hi Lisa, I gave my Mom the keychain yesterday and she absolutely loved it!! She agreed with what I said that it was way to pretty to put on her keys for fear she'd lose them! She may try to make a pin out of it. I was afraid she wouldn't like it because she is picky so I was very glad she liked it..thanks again!!"

<click for larger view>

Barbara ordered this personalized keychain. It's made with sterling letter blocks RASHEL, Swarovski white pearls, Swarovski Peridot and Crystal Clear crystals, and a sterling silver solid heart charm.

<click for larger view>

Ashley ordered this keychain along with 2 sets of wine glass charms. It's made with a larger furnace glass bead, aqua cat's eye beads, Swarovski Tanzanite crystals, sterling silver beads, and a sterling silver dragonfly charm.

Ashley writes: "Hi Lisa, I received the key chain and wine charms yesterday. I absolutely love them. Thank you so much! Ashley"

<click for larger view>

This is a key chain to represent a cure for Leukemia. It is made with Swarovski white pearls, crystal clear & sun crystals, sterling silver, and a sterling awareness ribbon. 

NOTE: These key chains can be ordered with crystals which represent all types of cancer.


(click to view larger image)

This great key chain is made with a sterling silver ribbon awareness charm, Swarovski Crystal Clear disc crystals, Swarovski Fuchsia crystals, Swarovski Crystal clear cubed crystal, very hard to find Rose Quartz rectangular beads, and sterling silver beads. 

I can make a key chain with any of the sterling silver charms I have listed on the ETC page. If you like the idea of an awareness key chain but would like different beads such as cat's eye or any others that you've seen on my creations let me know and I'll make up a sample for you to view.

Prices vary according to the charm and bead choices.

(click to view larger image)

Jen ordered the "best friends" key chains. I've made them with Swarovski cubed Fuchsia and Sapphire cubes, Light Rose, and Light Sapphire crystals. I've also used some sterling silver sparkle and sterling silver beads. Finished with the "Best Friends" sterling silver charms.

Jen writes: “Lisa, I got the Key chains yesterday and I absolutely love them! I can not wait to see the look on my Best Friends face when I give it to her. I know she will love it. Great work as always! I will let you know for sure what she says when I give it to her!”

I am especially excited about the TEACHER bookmark with poem card. 
This will make a great end of the year gift to give to your child's teacher.
Prices vary according to the charms and other items you select for your bookmark.
I can create a bookmark made with any of the supplies I have in stock.

About the bookmarks... the squiggle part is flatter to fit neatly in the pages of a book.
The curved part at the top is meant to be outside of the book along with the design.
These are sterling silver plated and 6 inches long to the top of the curved part.

<click to view larger image>

PRICE: $18

<click to view larger image>

This is a sample strand which hasn't yet been completed. I have a number of different "Red Hat Society" furnace art glass beads to choose from on the DANGLE BRACELETS page.

<click to view larger image>

This completed bookmark is perfect for someone who loves the color blue. I've used Swarovski Montana Sapphire crystals in the round shape and Crystal Clear AB crystals in the bicone shape, Swarovski Bermuda Blue (one of Swarovski special effect colors) heart crystal charm, Bali bead and sterling silver beads.

PRICE: $16

<click to view larger image>

<click to view larger image>

Tanya ordered these two bookmarks. They are made with Swarovski pearls and crystals. I've added a sterling silver #1 Grandma charm to one and a sterling silver MOM heart charm to the other.

Tanya writes: "Hi Lisa - I just loved them.  My mother in law loved hers and I had requests from people wanting to check your site so your business cards are coming in handy.  My mother also loved hers and says it works so well - fits perfectly in a book.  Thanks so much!"

Tanya ordered a "teacher" bookmark and writes: "Hi Lisa - The teacher bookmark was so beautiful.  My son really liked it - had me read the card to him many times and would find the colors on the bookmark.  We gave it to his teacher following kindergarten graduation and she just loved it - said she'd never seen anything like it.  So thank you so much! 

Also had to let you know the bookmark that I had ordered this past March for my mother-in-law - well it has never seen the inside of a book.  She said it's so beautiful that it can't be hidden in a book so she has it on a fancy suction cup hook in the middle of her living room bay window. She usually has suncatchers, etc she hangs every spring but this year the bookmark is the only thing on her window.  I asked her about it and she said it's so nice and she likes it there all by itself - really does stand out.  So had to let you know about that!

cell phone straps
The snowmen beads are handmade lampwork beads. They are absolutely adorable. 
These would make great stocking stuffers, co-worker gifts, and teacher gifts.
Snowmen are quite popular.. not just during holidays but all year round.

The cell phone straps are made with sterling silver curved lobster claw clasps,
sterling silver split rings, and sterling silver headpins.

Colored cell phone straps are available for an additional 50 cents each
I have limited quantity on these so please check with me before placing your order so I can make sure I have the color you need.
I have the following colors in stock; white, pink, light blue/aqua, red, lime, lavender

<click to view larger image>


<click to view larger image>
$6 (4 available)

<click to view larger image>
$6 (10 available)

<click to view larger image>
$6 (6 available)

<click to view larger image>
$6 (1 available)

<click to view larger image>
$6 (4 available)


Michele ordered 6 snowmen cell phone straps and writes: "Hi Lisa!  My snowmen arrived yesterday.  I LOVE THEM!  Adorable doesn't begin to describe how cute these snowmen are in person.  My son has six teachers to buy gifts for this Christmas and I know that two of them collect anything to do with snowmen.  These are perfect and the price is also great.  Thank you for being so quick to respond to my emails and for shipping so fast.  I didn't expect these to be wrapped so elegantly.  I will be back for more snowmen straps when I get my next paycheck.  ;)  I look forward to working with you again very soon.  Take Care! Michele"


Tiffany ordered 4 snowmen cell phone straps and writes: "Hey Lisa!!! I'm so glad you were recommended to me. The snowmen cellphone straps arrived today and I just love them. I ordered these for my daughter's teachers and now need to order one for myself and some others for stocking stuffers. I was trying to figure out what to buy for Jessica's teachers because I knew I couldn't afford to spend a lot of money on their gifts. These cellphone straps are perfect. The pictures do not do these any justice. They are so much cuter in person. Expect another order from me in the next few days. Tiffany" 


Susan ordered 3 snowmen cell phone straps and a Millefiori heart cell phone strap and writes: "I received my cell phone straps this morning and they are sooooooo nice.  I put a snowman on my phone immediately and plan on giving the other snowmen as gifts.  I also purchased the red heart and all I can say is it's beautiful.

You will not be disappointed, unless you don't order a few. Susan Green"



<click for larger view>

Heather ordered these special key chains for Sue Owen and her family. Sue's husband is now in Iraq and Heather wanted to have me create something for each member of the Owen family to carry with them to celebrate family to always keep each other close at heart while they are separated. It was important that each item be small enough that all 4 of the Owen's could easily carry it with them at all times.

Sue writes: "Hi Lisa, I wanted to tell you how touched we all were by the set of key charms that you made for Heather to give us. The sentiment was very touching and had me in tears as I read it! We all loved what you had made for us and have them on our respective key chains. Thank you so much for helping Heather to give us this special and thoughtful gift - it is much appreciated! My husband is now in Iraq (Basra) as of this week, so the 4 month countdown to his return has begun! Best wishes for a Happy New Year! Sue and the Owen Family"


Sterling silver earrings with lampwork beads

<click for larger view>

Currently, I have 19 different colors available. When ordering, please let me know the number of your preferred color. If you don't see a color you'd like, let me know so I can order it for you.

<click for larger view>

NOTE: The Smokey Topaz and Mountain Sapphire are showing up darker.

1.      pumpkin orange

2.      lime green

3.      bright red

4.      wisteria purple

5.      pea green

6.      butter yellow/tangerine

7.      aqua

8.      purple

9.      dark red

10.  cobalt/sapphire

11.  Smokey Topaz Frost

12.  Mountain Sapphire Frost

13.  Peridot Frost

14.  Clear Frost

15.  Alexandrite Frost

16.  Black

17.  White

18.  Carnation Pink

19.  Dark Yellow

Ready to be used as a charm or I can make these into 
cell straps or key rings at no additional charge.
$8 each

If you need sizes on any of these beads, please let me know.
<click for larger view>

Handmade strawberries
$15 set (1 available)

Handmade glass beads

$8 each (ready for charms)

Colorful silver-lined glass
10 ($12 w/sterling beads)

Bells are available in two sizes. Smaller size is shown.
$10 per bracelet - either size. (limited supply)


You are looking at a glass, corked bottle with 25 Swarovski crystals. This is my daughters which I made into a cell phone strap. The cork is glued onto the bottle so the crystals will stay securely in the bottle.

Size: 1 inch by 3/8 inch

You will have your choice of 25 Swarovski crystals. Any color combination you can imagine.

choice of cell strap or key chain

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