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Cathy W. ordered the Vitrail & Amethyst Beauty and writes: "Hi Lisa:  You're right, I did receive my bracelet yesterday afternoon and I absolutely love it!  It fits perfectly too.  The bracelet is even more beautiful than the pictures and goes with so many things.  I asked my hubby to fasten the lobster claw clasp for me and even he commented on it ... which is saying something since he normally doesn't notice anything.

Anyway, I am one happy camper.  Thank you for taking such good care of us.  Have you thought about making matching necklaces?  Have a great day, Your friend, Cathy W"

Teri ordered a Vitrail, Amethyst, and Montana Blue beauty bracelet and anklet set and writes: "Hello Lisa! Yes, my anklet and bracelet arrived safe and sound on Friday.  They are both really beautiful, and exactly what I asked for.  Your work is fantastic and I am very pleased.  I wore them to a baseball game yesterday afternoon and have plans to wear them for a dinner out soon.  I think it's wonderful that they can be worn dressed up or dressed down.  Many thanks for all of your work and keeping in touch!  Best, Teri"

Ouida ordered a Vitrail, Amethyst, Sapphire, and Tanzanite beauty and writes: "Hi Lisa, I got my bracelet today.  I couldn't wait to open the package and I was pleasantly surprised at just how it turned out.  It is really beautiful.  The pictures on your website don't do it justice.  For others wondering just what the bracelets look like, let me tell them that they are a whisper of color around your wrist.  The crystals are small enough to look like the real stones and not at all unbelievable.  I think from looking on the website, you get the impression that the crystals are large and therefore would be more of a "fad" type of bracelet.  Let me tell you that this bracelet is one that you can wear now and for many, many years to come.  It has such style and femininity and done in good taste.  Thanks for such a wonderful job .... I'll be back for more to coordinate with my outfits and other jewelry.  I can just see more than one on my wrist at a time and it would still be in good taste.  Hmmm...now I'm wondering about a matching necklace.  I'll have to give that some serious consideration. Always, Ouida"

Tina ordered the Classy & Colorful and writes: "Aloha Lisa! Boy, this one arrived quick!! I absolutely love my new bracelet! Now I can wear it with several different outfits because of all the different colors! It is just gorgeous and I've gotten several compliments already! The bracelet is very unique! Mahalo again Lisa! You did a wonderful job!"

Sue Owen ordered a Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet and writes:
"The Cancer Awareness bracelet is simply stunning. I have been wearing it all day and keep looking at my wrist to admire it! The pink pearls and white cats eye beads look so pretty together with the little silver beads in between - and the ribbon charm is just beautiful. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful keepsake for me!

When the auctions finish I am going to revamp my homepage. May I use you photo of my bracelet and link to your page on your site? I think that more people should know about these bracelets!"

LaQuitta ordered 2 bracelets (Patriotic and Vitrail & Emerald) and writes: "Lisa, The bracelets arrived Sat. As nice as they look in the pictures, the pictures just do not do them justice. The crystals are really colorful when the light reflects off them. I am so pleased with them. Thanks again, LaQuitta"

Rose ordered a rainbow flourite anklet and writes: Hi Lisa The anklet arrived and i was right about it being even more beautiful in person. I will see my sister tomorrow and will give it to her then. The heart extender adds alot of style to the anklet, i know she will be pleased with it. The workmanship is outstanding and with the matching bracelet she has i'm sure she won't want to take them off, lol. Thanks again, Rose”

Gem ordered a 'BCA' anklet, ladybug specialty bracelet, and several 'BCA' keychains and writes: "Hi Lisa , The bracelets! WOW where do I start! LOL.  The ladybug bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and I know she will love it as it has beautiful ladybug charms on and the stones are beautiful it is a masterpiece! I can’t wait to see her face on Xmas day LOL.  The BCA anklet is gorgeous I am going to have to order one for myself in the New Year.  It is the perfect gift for my sister as she has been through Mum’s cancer like we all have and she still wears the last patriotic anklet I bought her all the time so I just know she is going to love this one!  The BCA key chains are fantastic I am giving this one to a friend of mine whose father is suffering from cancer so I know it will bring her hope and a smile to her face.  Thank you so much for another amazing batch of jewelry you really are an angel you go out of your way to help us all find the perfect gift and the effort and time and attention to details is really amazing.  Your work is stunning and I see myself as a permanent customer of bracelets by Lisa, you go girl! *hugs*"  

Ann ordered several anklets and earrings writes: "The anklet is gorgeous. Your craftsmanship is outstanding and the turn-around time is amazing. It has just the right amount of sparkle. It is even more beautiful than I could have imagined. I have searched  everywhere for the right anklet, and constantly came up empty. Then...I found your website. Your interpretation of my design request was unbelievably intuitive. I can't wait to work together again so you can create another work of art."

Donna ordered a set of mother/daughter anklets and writes: "Lisa, I received the anklets yesterday when I got home from work.  They are PERFECT!  We both are wearing them today.  Thank you for all your help and I will definitely be showing it off and passing your info around.  Thank you again, Donna"  

Connie ordered 4 stretch anklets and writes: “Hi Lisa, The anklets arrived! I love how you make them custom fit just like the bracelets! Never too big and never too tight! I love the fossil beads. Depending on how the light is they are different shades of the color. Anything red, white, and blue is also a hit with me...the pelleted Patriotic is perfect!

Bobbie is out of town til Sunday so she will have to wait to see hers but I know she will be happy with hers too! The rose quartz/tangerine opal look great together and will be perfect with her tangerine opal and rose quartz bracelets. The pink fossil is beautiful with the various pink look. I have never been able to buy Bobbie anklets at the stores. They never have her size....but you made it all possible with your custom fit! Thanks a BUNCH! Hugs, Connie”

Eve ordered a matching set necklace, bracelet, & earrings and writes: "Lisa, I received my bracelet, necklace and earrings today.  They are gorgeous and sparkle so pretty.  They are exactly what I wanted.  Dainty and pretty.  I am very satisfied."

Susanne ordered a necklace to match a bracelet & earrings set she previously ordered and writes: "Hi Lisa, The necklace arrived today.....I love it!  Thanks for another beautiful piece of jewelry. Susanne"

Connie ordered some charms, a Patriotic anklet, and a mother of pearl/Swarovski black pearl anklet and writes:Hi Lisa, I rec'd my beautiful black and white anklet from you today! It fits perfect! I can wear it to dress up or casual. I Luv it! The charms are also wonderful! I added the boys and girl charms to my "mom" bracelet and it really looks nice. The eagle looks Great on the pelleted patriotic anklet! I'm attaching some pics so you can see your creations after I added the charms. Thanks a BUNCH! Hugs, Connie

P.S. The pics aren't real good but I hope you can see how wonderful they are!”

Megan ordered a very colorful anklet and writes:Lisa -- I got the anklet in the mail today! I love it!! It turned out even better than the picture, and I love the colors -- bright and summery! I'm even going to wear if for my graduation ceremony next week! =) Thanks a bunch! -- Megan =)”

Lynda ordered a fimo anklet and writes: Hi Lisa, Got my Birdie today--and have it on--love the dangle --and it fits just right.. thank you so much--Now I have to figure out "what next'! LOL Lordie Lordie--You do such great work!!!!!!! Have people wanting your website-- Lynda”

Adrienne ordered 3 bracelets (Breast Cancer Awareness & 2 name bracelets for 'just because' gifts for her friends) and writes: "The bracelets arrived today !!!!! I am wearing my Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet and I LOVE it. It fits me PERFECTLY !!!! I LOVE those two bracelets you made for my friends. Thank you so much !!!!"

Chrissy ordered Swarovski pearl bracelet in the pink & white and writes: "Lisa,  I just wanted to let you know that my bracelet arrived today and it is simply breathtaking! It is even more beautiful than I imagined. In person it is so impressive! It is so delicate and the care and work you put into it is easy to see, you did a beautiful job. It fits perfectly and I can't wait to order my next one! I love it, thank you so much Lisa! :o) (((HUGS)))   Thank you,  Chrissy"

Carol ordered a 'Breast Cancer Awareness' necklace and bracelet set and writes: “Hi Lisa,  I never, never, thought there was so much beauty in a bracelet & necklace before unless they were the real thing you know the ((Diamonds)) well, was I wrong. My set is so Beautiful and so Delicate. I can't believe all the work you put in to them.   Well I had them on all day today and they feel so good.  I  LOVE MY SET Thank you very much for making them.”   

Barb ordered the Patriotic bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa: You were right, my Patriotic Bracelet came today. It is absolutely beautiful, even better than I imagined. The photo doesn't do it justice. Thank you very much for the bracelet and you will be hearing from me soon!! Barb"

Heather received the Patriotic bracelet as a gift and writes: "Lisa, The most wonderful bracelet arrived in the mail today, the Patriotic version and oh, it is so lovely. A very dear friend schemed with you to send this wonderful birthday gift to me and I just have to say how delighted I am. The crystals just shimmer in rich royal blues and burgendys with a mix of silver and opal like beads. Have to share my absolute pleasure and send thanks for this wonderful keepsake that you so carefully packaged up for my friend on my behalf. This really is the perfect gift and shall remind me always of a friend so far away yet so close. Thank you Heather Softley"

Rosalie ordered the patriotic bracelet and writes: "I just received the Patriotic bracelet. I am so impressed with it. I was going to keep it, but it is too pretty. I am giving it to my daughter for her birthday. I know she will really enjoy it. Thanks for a special gift to give. Rosalie from Chicago"

Jane ordered a 'Breast Cancer Awareness' bracelet and writes: "Lisa I just got to open the package from you and when I opened it, I said OH MY GOD how beautiful. The pic does not do the bracelet justice. I can not wait to wear it and show it to everyone and if they ask I will tell them where they can order one :) Jane"

Brenda ordered a pink & white Swarovski Pearl bracelet a medium cats eye bead bracelet and writes: "Oh, Lisa!!! They turned out, so lovely! They both will go beautifully, with my two formal dresses! My pink and white pearl bracelet matches the blouse, that I am wearing, today. So I decided I'd put it on, wear it for the rest of the day. I was so excited and pleased with the bracelets. I was shaking so much, I could hardly clasp the bracelet on my wrist. But I got it clasped, and on wearing it. By the way, both bracelets fit my wrists, perfectly!" 

Bonnie purchased the "bride's" bracelet for her daughter and writes: "Wedding plans are going fine here. I couldn't wait and had to finally show Tammie her bracelet. She absolutely loved it. What a hug I got!! She cried, as did I and her Matron of honor, who was here at the time."

Bonnie ordered the "Sparkling Pastels" bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa.  My pastels bracelet arrived today.  I love it, as I knew I would. Thank you for another beauty. Bonnie"

Bev ordered a Swarovski pearl bracelet in black and grey and writes: "Dear Lisa, Our mail finally came at 6:00 PM.  My bracelet arrived, and I have to tell you the picture didn't do it justice.  It is so dainty and will most assuredly go with anything I want to wear.  It certainly is so much prettier than the picture.  I had no idea how delicate it would be, and I love it. Thanks for all your hard work, Bev"

Maria won the Miyuki Japanese bracelet in the PAN contest and writes: "Hello Lisa, My Miyuki bracelet arrived today and I love it!!! I am wearing it as I write this. :0) I don't like big "clunky" jewelry, and usually just wear my watch and wedding ring. But the design of this bracelet is so sleek, clean and  simple, I can see myself wearing it daily. Thanks so much for your fast and fun Pan contest and for my LOVELY  bracelet! Take care, Maria in Illinois"

Brenda ordered this bracelet and a 'Breast Cancer Awareness' bracelet and writes: "When I opened the envelope containing my bracelets...I could not believe my eyes! The bracelets were so tiny, dainty, and beautiful! In that brief moment  of first sight, they just took my breath away!

I could not wait to put the bracelets, on my wrists! Truly-Ann helped me put them on my wrists. And I have not taken them off since she put them on me. I keep admiring them over and over again! I LOVE THEM!!!

Thank you, Lisa!!! For creating these beautiful bracelets! You did a wonderful job in making them.

You can be sure that this satisfied customer will be contacting you, again, soon...to place more orders. :D

Your craftsmanship in creating these peaces of jewelry is of high quality!...And I am serious about your workmanship, Lisa! Thank You!!! These bracelets ARE beautiful!!!! Sincerely, Brenda"

Colleen ordered two bracelets - Swarovski black pearl w/sterling silver beads and writes: "Hello Lisa! The bracelets arrived quickly and on time for the excellent adventure that was the roadtrip Laura and I took to the U.S.  (These were our matching roadtrip bracelets!!!)  They are absolutely gorgeous and we are both delighted with them.  We wore them for the entire trip - I gave Laura her bracelet the moment I got to her house to pick her up to start our journey - and we wore them through 2707 kms and 4 states; through being Thelma and Louise; through being Jaclyn and Cheryl; through being Thelmajac and Cherylouise; through shopping and drinking and chatting until 5 a.m.; through swimming and hot tubbing and laughing in the park ... (One of these days, ask me about our Charlie's Angels adventures while we were on the road... that will explain the name changes over the course of the week! hee hee.) 

Thank you very much for taking such care and effort with these beautiful bracelets.  Both Laura and I will treasure them as wonderful reminders of an awesome roadtrip where we got to meet five of our crazy U.S. friends!

Also, I received from Adrienne another of your creations for my birthday.  It is truly gorgeous and I will treasure this one as a beautiful reminder of my beautiful Canucklehead friend.   As you know, she is one of the greatest friends a person could ask for, and I am delighted that she enlisted you to make this lovely gift for me.  Cheers, Colleen"

Judie ordered a birthstone bracelet and writes: "Lisa, Thank you for the lovely bracelets!!!!!!  Jenny loves her's and has shown it off to everyone!!! I think the one you made me was beautiful!!! I love the cats eye beads!!! My sister-in-law wants to order a couple now and a friend does too!!! Thank you so much for making the bracelets and for your continued friendship!!!  Thanks!!! Judie"

Lisa ordered several "shining star" bracelets and writes: "They are so pretty Lisa, much more delicate than I imagined. And the colours are lovely. Thank you very much Lisa, I dare say I'll be placing another order!"

Gem ordered a "shining star" bracelet for her Mum and writes: “I had given my mum her bracelet and she cried she was so touched and taken back by the beauty of it and she said the crystals you used are her favourite! I cant thank you enough hun.”

Jane ordered a custom one-of-a-kind bracelet and writes: “Lisa OH MY GOD IS That Bracelet awesome looking I just got it today from the mail man. I had to get right on here and say HEY LISA I GOT MY 1 OF A KIND YAOOOOOOOOOOOO. Thank You Lisa your 1 in a million. Jane”

Robin ordered the MADISON & ASHLEIGH double strand bracelet along with 2 of the Bali and Swarovski pink bracelets and writes: “Lisa, the bracelets arrived today. They are stunning!!!!!!! I gave Kim her bracelet, and she was just enthralled, and kept turning it to see the details, just marveling at it! Thank you so much for your perseverance and your talents. The double-strand is a substantial weight. My Mom was absolutely thrilled with hers. ( She needs it lengthened by half an inch.) She’s going to add charms to it that say Nana, Madison and Ashleigh. Truly, these are unique, one-of-a kind keepsakes that they will treasure always. Thank you, and thanks to Angela for telling me about you. Take Care, more orders are coming………….ha!ha!”

Robin came back and ordered another custome one-of-a-kind double strand bracelet and writes:OH, MY GOD! This has to be our best one yet!!!! It looks like it came straight out of the jewelry box of a Celtic Princess. WOW! That's all I can say......Wow!!!!! What a BEAUTIFUL bracelet! Girl, it is truly amazing what we come up with!!!! I'm truly in heaven, "My Blue Heaven". Hope you're having a great time. As always, Take Care! Robin”

Connie ordered a custom bracelet and writes: “Hi Lisa, I rec'd the bracelet today!! Very pretty! Great Job! Exactly what I wanted! Thank you, Connie”

Megan ordered a bracelet made with Swarovski Fuschia and Light Rose crystals along with Swarovski pink pearls and sterling silver and also ordered the "Tangerine Opal" pictured on the $10 Specials page and writes: "Lisa, I just wanted to let you know that the orange and pink bracelets arrived today -- I love 'em more than I loved the pictures!  They fit beautifully and comfortably -- perfect amount of dangle!  Keep up the GREAT work -- I'm sure you will be hearing from me again very soon! Thanks a bunch! --Megan"

Barbara ordered the last 'Breast Cancer Awareness' necklace, a patriotic bracelet, and a 'BABCIA Shining Star' bracelet and writes
: “Dear Lisa, I would like to Thank You Very Much for my bracelets and my Breast Cancer Necklace. They are even more beautiful in person, I will cherish these forever. The Breast Cancer Necklace I will give to my Aunt who has Breast Cancer and has undergone a Mastectomy, but unfortunately the cancer has spread to other parts of her body and she will have to have radiation and chemo therapy in hopes of beating this deadly disease. I'm sure she will love this necklace and will wear it when she gets better. The patriotic bracelet was intended for myself but I have given it to my best friends daughter who is a Captain in the United States Army. Captain Sarah is reporting directly to a General who travels the world into areas that are experiencing unrest like Iraq, Afghanistan and others, she will be in harms way and in need of our prayers for her safety. She is in Military Intelligence and will be incognito in most areas. I can not say more about her but she is a lovely young lady who feels honored that she was selected for this mission. Her family will have no contact with her for three years till her mission is over. The other bracelet that I received is truly special because it says BABCIA, which mean Grandma in Polish and the beads represent the birth months of my two grandsons. Even though I saw the emailed picture of this bracelet as you made it, the picture did not do it justice, it is absolutely beautiful and so delicate, Thank You so much for such beautiful craftsmanship. I can't wait to show everyone, I'm sure that when my family and friends see these they will want some for themselves. With Sincere Thanks, Barbara”

Barbara ordered a Patriotic bracelet, COUSIN bracelet, AUNTIE bracelet, CIOCIA bracelet, ROMAN & RILEY bracelet and writes: "Dear Lisa, The bracelets are more beautiful in person, the pictures do not do them justice. I'm so glad I ordered them. I'm sure that when I give them as gifts to my daughters, aunt and cousin they will just Love them. I will order more in the near future. Thank You for such Beautiful Craftsmanship. Barbara"

Jen ordered the Patriotic bracelet and writes: "Hello Lisa, I got my bracelet today and I love it. You did great work as always. This Patriotic Bracelet I will wear 24/7. I am very proud of my country and the men and women who fight to protect us. This is my little way of saying I am with them! Thanks Again! Jen"

Arlene received a Miyuki Japanese bracelet for a birthday gift and writes: "Thank you so much ...for the beautiful bracelet, I got it today in the mail and I love it I love the color, its so dainty and elegant, IM going to wear it always never take it off.. ive shown 2 people so far and they love it also. thank you again from the bottom of my heart,, HUGS!!!!!.. Arlene"

Sandy ordered a 'Halloween' bracelet and a 'Violet Craze': "Lisa,,, the bracelets i got are absolutely beautiful!!! Alissa LOVED the one she got, she thought it was cool that is was also her school colors! Everyone commented on how pretty it was!! I love the one i got.. of course its my favorite color!!! thanks so much!!!!!! Sandy"


Betty ordered a Sapphire & Amethyst Chinese crackle, turquoise howlite, w/sterling silver beads bracelet and a 'Violet Craze' bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa, letting to know my bracelets came in today....They are pretty, I love them, I might keep one for myself, but I do know the girl I'm giving one to, she will love it....."

Brenda ordered a mother of pearl and turquoise howlite bracelet and writes: "Dear Lisa, Wanted to let you know; that my bracelet has arrived, today. I could not wait until I got home, from the post office, to open the package.

The bracelet is beautiful! And; the s/s beads look lovely, with the turquoise and white beads. I'm very pleased with the way this bracelet looks!  :-)

In fact; I put the bracelet on my wrist, before leaving the post office parking lot! I plan to wear my new bracelet; to work tonight, to show this bracelet to my co-workers.  I would not be surprised; if I receive a lot of comments on this bracelet, from them.  ;-)

Thank you; for designing this bracelet, for me. Sincerely, Brenda”

Carol ordered a BCA set of earrings, necklace, and bracelet and also ordered 'Color Burst' and writes: "Lisa, Thank you ever so much for making my beautiful Bracelets. I am so pleased with my Breast Cancer Awareness set. I am so surprise no one else has thought to have a necklace & earring's made. Lisa, your work is so good I am giving all the ladies your Bracelets for Christmas. I know they will be very happy with what I give them, One of a kind, Made just for them, and I thought enough of them to have them made By LISA. You Bet they will love them. The Color Burst bracelet is gorgeous. The colors are so vibrant and much prettier than the picture shows, and I love how the light shines through the crystals. Definitely one of my favorites and well worth the price. THANK YOU for doing such a beautiful job. Carol"

Betty ordered the "We Love Nana" bracelet, a Rose Quartz bracelet, and a Hematite Hearts & Stars bracelet and writes: 
"Hi Lisa....Letting you know my second batch of Bracelets came today.....The "we love Nana" is beautiful...I know she will love her bracelet...I will let you know her comments when we give it to her.....The other 2 is beautiful also.....I know the people I give them to will adore them......."


Ellen ordered the "Halloween" bracelet and a "Breast Cancer Awareness" bracelet and writes: “Lisa, The Bracelets arrived today and they beautiful. I had ordered the Halloween bracelet just for fun, but it's so nice I'll probably wear it with my outfits for work. The Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet is absolutely Beautiful. Another great thing is that they fit great. Because I have larger wrist my husband has a hard time buying me bracelets because most of them are to tight and then we have to take them to a jeweler to have the lengthened. Thank you, Ellen”

Tina ordered several name bracelets and writes: "Aloha Lisa! My daughter and I just received our bracelets and we just LOVE them! I let some people at work know, (one is getting married next year) and I'm wearing my bracelet to work to show them! They are even more fabulous "in person"! The craftsmanship is excellent! You did a wonderful job Lisa! Love the colors! Now I'm going to have to order some more! Mahalo again Lisa! Aloha, Tina"

Sue Owen ordered wine glass charms, Chinese rainbow crackle bracelet, purple jade with bracelet, Japanese Miyuki bracelet, and I made and donated to Sue a one-of-a-kind "beanie necklace" that also doubles as a people bracelet. Sue writes: "Hi Lisa, The package arrived today - after an awful week at work - and it was just the tonic that I need to lift my drooping spirits!

I didn't know which bracelet to try on first - they are all so very beautiful. Actually, I wanted to rush home and change my top for something that would go with the bracelets, rather than vice versa!!! I am currently wearing the Miyuki bracelet and it is so pretty and delicate - and just the right size! Now that I have seen the purple jade and clear crystal bracelet with the star beads I NEED one for myself - it really is very lovely! My sister-in-law-to-be will love it, I'm sure!

The wine glass charms are amazing - what a great gift they are going to make with a decent bottle of wine - MUCH more interesting than a box of chocs or bunch of flowers!

AND - saving the best till last - what can I say about the beanie necklace?! I took the box to open in my friend's office and she is herself a breast cancer survivor - she thought it was simply wonderful and had to try it on her wrist! She is in love with it and I think will be asking me to order her something along those lines for herself - we both really liked the delicacy of it in those tint beads - just beautiful - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I can't wait to get hold of a 'Cure' to put it on. I think people will be wowed by this - I certainly hope so, anyway!

I'll be back in touch - but please can you save me the beads for another of the purple jade bracelets please?! Thanks so much again! Love Sue"

La Rue ordered a name bracelet and writes: "Lisa, the bracelets have arrived and I'm the proud owner of a "Bracelets by Lisa". Did not expect the elegance and beauty that I am wearing on my wrist. Can't wait to  present the other bracelet to a very special person in my life. A very special thank you. Your workmanship is beyond words to describe. La Rue :)"

Lynne ordered a name bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa, Bethany's bracelet came today, and it is just gorgeous! It's so dainty and sweet, but sturdy and obviously well made as well. I am thrilled with it, and I know she will be too! Thanks so much!"

Bonnie ordered a name bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa. Jackie absolutely loved her bracelet.  She put it right on and wore it the rest of the day.  She said the colors were so pretty.  I was very proud to give her such a great graduation gift. Thank you again.  Bonnie"

Adrienne ordered a name bracelet and writes: "Lisa , I LOVE my bracelet and have not taken it off since the day I got it. I get a lot of comments from people because the emerald green Swarovski crystals go perfectly with my favourite rings which are diamonds and emeralds !!! Thank you so much !!!!!!!"

Betty ordered a name bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa, just letting you know the bracelet was beautiful...My mom loved it....It also fit just right.......Thank you so much for a wonderful bracelet......"

Marge ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Lisa, the bracelet is BEAUTIFUL.  It looks great with my gold/silver mix.  You did a wonderful job.  I wish that my arms were longer so I could wear more of your lovely bracelets. love, Marge"

Lynne ordered a name bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa,   I hope you are having a good weekend so far. Myrtle's bracelet arrived yesterday, and it is SO pretty! I'm sure she is going to love it. The blues are so striking! These bracelets are the most wonderful gifts for people who have unusual names, or just love seeing their names on jewelry, as Myrtle does. I know I'll be back for another bracelet before Christmas. Thanks so much! Lynne"

Tanya ordered a specialty bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa - I got the bracelet yesterday and I was so excited to get it.  It is so beautiful!  The picture you emailed me was so nice but when you see the bracelet in person - it's just so much more impressive.  Thank you so much.  Between ordering the bracelet and receiving it was no time at all!  I definetly know I would like to order a few more in the future, thinking between my mom and mother-in-law and I'm gonna have to get one for myself!  Thanks alot and take care! Tanya"

Lynne ordered a custom name bracelet as a Christmas gift and writes: "Hi Lisa, Shyrl's bracelet is just lovely! I had it on, and I like it so much that it's a good thing I had you put her name on it, or she wouldn't be getting it! :-) I think I will have to order one for myself eventually. I love the color, and the bracelet is so dainty, and obviously well made. Shyrl is going to love this! Thanks so much!!! Lynne"

UPDATE: “Hi Lisa, I wanted to let you know how thrilled my friend Shyrl was with her bracelet. We exchanged gifts on Tuesday night. She opened it and when she saw her name on the silver blocks, she was so stunned, I thought she was going to cry. She put it right on, and was so happy that it actually fit her wrist. Like me, Shyrl has very tiny wrists, and has trouble getting a bracelet that doesn't slide up and down her arm. Her bracelet was a perfect fit, and she was just so happy with it, that I felt like a million bucks too! She didn't need the heart extender, but kept it on because it looks so cute as a dangle. Thanks so much, Lisa! Happy Holidays!! Lynne”

Becky ordered 3 triple strand crystal specialty bracelets and writes: "My sisters loved the bracelets.  The colors work so well together, and it was great to get them jewelry that is both beautiful and meaningful.  What's funny is that my sister and I both had the same idea for Christmas gifts this year.  She bought my older sister and I each a ring with 3 stones (our birthstones) and an inscription that says "sisters."  So it was a meaningful Christmas and I thank you once again for making those bracelets for me!  The process was easy and clear =).  Thanks again, Becky"

Tyna ordered 6 custom sorority bracelets and writes: "Lisa, I received my bracelets and they are absolutely beautiful. I'm sure they will be enjoyed by everyone that I plan to give them to.  Thanks for you time and for doing such great work! Tyna"

Gayle ordered the "Sienna" and "Mallory" name bracelets for her granddaughters and writes: The bracelets came today and the girls were here so they got an early Christmas present. Sienna says she "Likes it alot"...they are very pretty and well made.  The crystals are so delicate, more so than the picture showed.  Mallory's mother was ready to take it away from her, but her name isn't Mallory..  You do such a good, professional looking work Lisa.  Thank you so much"

Brenda ordered 2 Patriotic bracelets and a Swarovski Pearl w/Montana and Rose AB crystals bracelet and writes: “Hi, Lisa!  :-) I picked up my package at the post office, on my way to work, yesterday; that contained my ordered bracelets, from you last week.  However; I did not have time to open the package, to view them until I returned home from work, late last night.

And; I have been gone, all day, with my hubby. So; now that I have free time, I wanted to let you know what I think of my newest bracelets.  :-)

When I opened my package; containing my bracelets, I could hardly believe my eyes! My "Swarovski Pearl, RoseAB, & Montana crystal beads bracelet" is breathtaking! "It is so dainty and beautiful!"  "I love it!"  This bracelet will be worn on "special" occasions - only!

My "Teal Glass" bracelet is a "perfect" matching accessory, for my "teal" colored evening gown! The beads "twinkle" as the sunlight shines on them. Another; "beautiful" bracelet, that will be worn for "special" occasions!

And; the two (2) "Patriotic" bracelets are, very, unique! One can be worn with casual, sporty, outfits; while the other one, can be worn with dressier outfits. They, both, are "lovely" bracelets. In fact; I am wearing one of them, now!  :-)  And; I have received quite a few complements, from co-workers and family members, on how well they like the one I've been wearing today.

Thank you, Lisa; for making the "beautiful" bracelets, for me. I "truly" love them! And; I will be contacting you, very soon, to place more orders for additional bracelets.  I'm thinking about ordering bracelets; for my "daughters" and "special friends", for their Christmas gifts!

Chat with you soon!  ;-) Sincerely, Brenda"

Winnie ordered the hematite stars bracelet and the sapphire and amethyst crackle bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa, I received the bracelets today.  They are awesome!  The pictures really don't do them justice. You really have to see them in person to appreciate how pretty they are. Thanks for the great work on them! Winnie"

Bonnie ordered a bracelet made with purple (plum) cat's eye beds, amethyst crystals, and sterling silver beads and writes: "Hi again Lisa. Oh boy, am I glad I went with the all purple! I absolutely love it.  The silver beads add the contrast that I thought the clear crystals would.   It's perfect, just what I wanted.  A great purple lover's bracelet.  Thank you so much Lisa"

Karen ordered one of the “Sapphire & Amethyst Chinese Crackle” bracelets with Turquoise Howlite and sterling silver beads and she writes: "Lisa, Just have to let you know that my bracelet has arrived and you were so right--I truly love it--perfect colors and the fit is just right. Thank you so much--it's a beauty!! Karen"

Nadine ordered several "Rose Quartz" bracelets including one with Swarovski Pearl instead of sterling silver beads and a very special creation which can be found on the Specialty Bracelets page and she writes: "HI LISA,  JUST A NOTE TO LET YOU KNOW THE BRACELETS ARRIVED TODAY AND THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL.  I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR WHAT MY FRIENDS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THEM.



Karen originally ordered the “Sapphire & Amethyst Chinese Crackle” bracelets with Turquoise Howlite beads. Due to a defective batch of Chinese crackle beads I had her return the bracelet so I could send the defective beads back to the company I purchased them from. Karen choose to order the Leopardskin Jasper bracelet as a replacement and writes: “Hi Lisa, Just letting you know that the Leopardskin Jasper bracelet has arrived already. Wow--that was extremely quick--just love the bracelet but more importantly I love the way you handled the whole situation. I feel so bad that the other bracelet's beads were defective and I do hope that you are reimbursed by the manufacturer for the defective beads. This bracelet, is quite different than the Chinese crackle beads one was--and I am so thrilled with it. I know that I will likely wear it 24/7 especially now as it is perfect for fall wearing. Being in Florida, we don't see a lot of foliage change, so this along with my amber earrings will at least get me more in an autumn mood. Thanks once again for all that you have done. Have a great day. Karen”

Nancy ordered the “Purple Jade w/Swarovski Chalk White crystals and writes: Lisa, The bracelet is beautiful, I know my daughter will just love it. If not I will be glad to take it. You do a fantastic job on them. Thanks so very much. Nancy”

Debra was the winner of the “Halloween” bracelet in the October contest and writes:Good Morning Lisa, I finally made it to the Post Office in town. What a lovely and pleasant surprise! Thank you Lisa and to Connie F., very much! The photos do not do the bracelets justice. I was expecting the beads to be much larger (like the ones we can find in the stores) and because of the black and orange colors, only to be able to wear it in October "Halloween". I was wrong, wrong, wrong. The beads are dainty, just like I have seen gemstone beads in the jewelry stores. The orange is not like a crayon orange, it looks very much like the color of some fire opals I have seen and the black looks like faceted onyx (these are very believable). Each bead shines or sparkles. With all the black in my wardrobe, this color combination can be worn any time of the year. This bracelet can worn dressed up or casual. Like I said a lovely and very pleasant surprise! You know Lisa, seeing this bracelet, now makes keeping my promise to stick to our budget, near impossible! Maybe I can renegotiate. (hehehe ~smile~) Thanks again! Kindest regards, Debra”

Winnie ordered a freshwater pearl bracelet to replace the Chinese crackle bracelet that was found to be made with defective beads and writes: “Hi Lisa, I received the freshwater pearl bracelet today. OMG!!! It's so pretty. I'm wearing it as I type this email and I'm not planning on taking it off for a long while. I'm so happy with it even though I'm sad I no longer have the Chinese crackle bracelet. I hope you will get a refund from your supplier for the defective beads. I also want to thank you for sending the replacement bracelet so quickly. Kudos to your customer service. It is definitely first class all the way. Sincerely, Winnie”

Becky ordered a Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet and writes:thank you for the gorgeous bracelet you have made for me, the photo's on the website do not show just how beautiful they are. Hopefully I will be ordering from you again in the future.”

Gemma ordered a BCA bracelet, Patriotic anklet, Black & White crystals, and a “Shining Star” bracelet and writes:Hi Lisa Well the bracelets arrived today! What can I say words really do escape me they are perfect! I love the Breast Cancer Bracelet the colours are gorgeous and the little ribbon charm is so cute I put it on straight away and can’t wait to go and show it off at the office tomorrow. The bracelet you made up as a gift for my mum is absolutely beautiful and I know she will love it and it’s such a nice way to show her how much I love her. The Patriot anklet I ordered for my sister is fabulous and so her style I know she will be really pleased on Christmas day when she receives it. The black and white bracelet is exactly what I wanted for my friend as she is into the Gothic scene and I know she will be over the moon as she isn’t expecting a gift like this either! In fact I am so impressed and pleased with my order I am emailing you to place a second order!. Thank you so much, I really am over the moon with my order and I can’t express enough how pleased I am. I can see myself becoming a collector of Bracelets by Lisa LOL.”

Rene ordered the fresh-water pearl bracelet from the $10 SPECIALS page and writes: Hi, Lisa, Just wanted to let you know that I received the beautiful pearl bracelet. I wore it for the first time last night to my staff holiday party. I was still wearing it today when I went to a craft faire. I went to several jewelry booths and several people commented on how pretty my bracelet was. The size is perfect and the look fits me. Thanks so much! :) Rene”

Linda ordered the "cat's eye multi-colored long" bracelet from the $10 SPECIALS page and writes:Hi Lisa! Just want to let you know I received my bracelet today. It's very lovely; even my husband commented how pretty the colors are. Thank you for the speedy service as well. Linda”

Rosalie ordered 5 bracelets and writes: I just wanted to let you know that the 5 bracelets arrived and each one is beautiful. I'm sure the Christmas gift recipient will be very pleased with them. Of course - at least one of them is mine. Rosalie

Sharon ordered "Rainbow Jasper" and "Purple Jade, Swarovski White Chalk crystals, Bali star beads" bracelets and writes: Thank you, Lisa! The bracelets are really pretty and so delicate! I am sure my sister in law and daughter are going to love them! : ) Sharon”

Cathy ordered the 6mm Leopardskin Jasper and Mother of Pearl tubes, both from the $10 SPECIALS page and writes: Hi Lisa: Received both my bracelets last evening and they are absolutely beautiful. Both of them were too short (not your fault, it's my huge wrists) but they will make wonderful stocking stuffers for both my daughter and daughter-in-law. I will have to reorder for me after the first of the year. Take care, and I hope you and your family have a wonderful, happy and healthy holiday.”

Brenda ordered the "Black Onyx", "Peridot", and the "Czech Faceted Luster" bracelets and writes: Lisa; I've got to tell you, that the three (3) bracelets ordered are "beautiful"!  The posted pictures do not do these bracelets justice! They are, all, far more "beautiful" up close and in hand, than the photos show them to be. "I love them!"  And; again, you did an "excellent" job, in creating them.  Thank you; so, very, much!  :-D”

Rosalie ordered 5 bracelets as Christmas gifts and writes:I just wanted to let you know that the 5 bracelets that I gave as Christmas presents were a big hit. Everyone put them on immediately and Ohed and Ahed over them. Many thanks. I hope you have a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Rosalie from Chicago”

Bonnie ordered numerous bracelets as Christmas gifts and writes:Hi Lisa. Just wanted to let you know that everyone loved their bracelets, especially Lu, who got the fall bracelet with her name. She said it was her best present. Thanks for everything. Bonnie”

Nancy was one of the winners of the 'Planet Beans 2003 Holiday Contest' and she choose the Luminescent Amethyst bracelet as her prize. She also ordered the “Sea of Blue” and writes: “My beautiful bracelets arrived today. They were so dainty and delicate looking...they made me feel like a princess. The bracelets will definitely be saved for special occasions. Thank you again for picking my name as the winner in the December contest. I'm glad I ordered the second one, too in my favorite blue color. Your craftsmanship is just superb! Nancy Mills”

Bonnie was the winner of the December bracelet draw and choose the “Rose Quarz w/Swarovski Pearls” bracelet and aldo ordered the “Cobalt Frost” and “Black Onyx w/Swarovski Jet crystals” and writes: “Lisa Lisa Lisa. I love my bracelets.  The rose quartz is even prettier than I thought it would be.  Hubby even likes it.  The black onyx is perfect, since I wear a lot of black in winter.  It will definitely get a lot of wear.  I already knew the cobalt frost was soooo pretty, ( my mother loves hers)  I had to have one. Thanks again  Lisa. Many hugs Bonnie”

Patricia ordered the "Bride's" bracelet for her Niece and writes: “Hello there, Lisa! Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I received this bracelet on Thurs. or Fri. (fri., I believe, for sure!?!).  It is absolutely, incredibly beautiful and so dainty.  I'm sure my niece will love it.  I'll write you again with her comments.  I just knew your work was gorgeous but it's even more so in person.  I'll have to order myself one after I have my back surgery as a gift to myself. 

Again, thank you so very much for the beeeauuutiful brides bracelet. It's definitely a very special bracelet for a very special young lady.”

Sharon ordered several bracelets and writes: “Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for making such beautiful bracelets.  Katie absolutely loves her birth stone bracelet.  We both love the multi-colored cat's eyes bracelet.  The beads are so colorful, and it goes with everything.  Katie loves that Mommy and her have matching bracelets. Thanks again. Sharon and Katie”

Gemma ordered BCA bracelets and "Sparkling Pastels" and writes: “Hi Lisa, The last lot of bracelets arrived and as usual they are just perfect my sister loved her BCA one and I ended up giving the second one to my Mum she thinks it’s lovely that you are supporting Breast Cancer too. Warmest Wishes, Gem”

Rose ordered ‘6mm Marble Christmas‘, ‘Patriotic Pellet‘, and ‘Rainbow Flourite’ bracelets and writes:Hi Lisa Just a note to let you know the three bracelets I ordered arrived super fast and well packaged. The beads and workmanship are very high quality and I would recommend them to anyone who loves sterling silver. Your variety is so good it's hard to pick from all the beautiful styles. Thanks for a pleasurable shopping experience, Rose”


Gem ordered the “Be My Valentine” bracelet in red and clear crystals and one in pink and clear crystals. She also ordered 2 more BCA bracelets and writes:The bracelets arrived last Monday and what can I say except WOW!! I love the valentines bracelet in pink in fact I haven't taken it off since it arrived! The red one is gorgeous beautiful colours. I love the letter beads I have to be honest I have hesitated ordering any bracelets using the letters before as I thought they might be really large but they are just so perfect so small and delicate already starting to plan my next order. The pink bracelet is divine and I love it to bits especially as I have a real pink fetish. Thanks once again for another fabulous set of bracelets which have left me wanting to buy more and cherish the ones I have they are just so perfect. By the way I gave an BCA bracelet to my sister and one to my mum as my mother recently found out she has breast cancer. They both love the bracelets dearly and haven't taken them off. It almost gives us hope to cling to as every time we look at them we all remember how precious time is and how by purchasing and wearing these bracelets with pride other women stand a better chance of beating this terrible illness. Thanks ones again for the happiness your bracelets have spread to myself and my family. Love, Gem”

Lisa ordered the "Blue Fossil" bracelet and writes: Hi Lisa, The bracelets arrived today :-) The blue one is stunning, an absolutely gorgeous colour. Lisa

Diane ordered a "HANNAH" name bracelet and writes: “Lisa, The bracelet looks beautiful. You did an amazing job. I am sure Theresa will treasure her gift for a very long time. : ) Thanks again! Diane”

Tammy ordered 5 “Shining Star” bracelets made with Siam and crystal clear crystals to give to her bridesmaids when she gets married in July. She wanted the Siam color so it would closely match the bridesmaids dresses and she writes:Lisa, the bracelets arrived today (Friday). The bracelets are absolutely beautiful. Much more than I could have imagined. They are so elegant and wonderfully made. I can't wait to give them to my bridesmaids, I just know they are going to LOVE them! They match the dresses nicely too. Great work!! Thank you SO much for being able to put them all together and for working with me to make them so memorable for my best friends. Take care, Tammy C”

Lisa ordered a Bali frame bracelet and an 8mm Blue Fossil bracelet and writes: Hi Lisa, The bracelets arrived today :-) They are lovely. The blue fossil is a nice, bright & cheery bracelet. With summer coming, it will go with lots of colours. Just the right size too. The frame bracelet is just wonderful. It sits really well on the wrist and feels nice and weighty. You know you've got it on if you know what I mean & I like that. I love it!! Thank you ;-) I'm in danger of ordering several colours... so be warned lol. Many many thanks for two more great additions to my ever growing collection! Lisa”

Bonnie ordered the "Pastel Cat's Eye Rounds" bracelet and writes: Hi Lisa.   My pastel cat's eye bracelet arrived yesterday.  What can I say?  I love it... it's my new favorite.  Now, if  only Spring would arrive so I could wear it. Hugs and Thanks, Bonnie”

Ellen ordered the “GAIL” name bracelet and “Hematite Hearts & Stars” for her Granddaughter for her 12th birthday and she ordered the “Black Onyx” for herself and writes: “We had the party on Saturday Evening and she was absolutely thrilled. She had to have them both on right away. She was especially thrilled with the name bracelet. She said that she didn't think you could get any thing with her name. When I told that it was specially made for her she was even happier if that was possible. She says that she's only going to take them off when she sleeps. Thank you again for doing a great job. Ellen”

Bonnie ordered 4 custom bracelets and writes: “Hi Lisa. I received the 4 bracelets yesterday. They are all gorgeous. Tammie is going to love hers. Lu's is perfect and I know my niece is gonna be crazy about hers with the heart extension. My favorite is the cobalt frost. Unfortunately it's not for me.

Thanks again Lisa for 4 more beauties.”

Jane ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "I got the bracelet it is so pretty I just love it. You do such awesome work on the bracelets that you make. my friend liked it I just had to show her today :)"

Tara ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa! this bracelet was for my daughter, Rebecca. It was a Christmas gift for her from her daughter, Shae (she's only 4 so I had to help).  She LOVED it.  I showed it to Shae right before she gave it to her - she's not the greatest at keeping secrets right now.  My daughter almost cried...said this was the best Christmas yet for her.  Thank you so much for making the bracelet.  I'm glad I found you. You do beautiful work.  Might get a few others eventually as well.  I wish my Mom was alive as she would have loved this style of bracelet. Thanks again Lisa.  You'll be hearing from me soon. tara"

Lisa ordered the “Rainbow Flourite” and “LISA” name bracelet and writes: “Hi Lisa, Received the bracelets yesterday and they are lovely :-)

Have been wearing my name one since it arrived lol. It's a gorgeous piece and with just the right colour mix. I've decided that it's my Christmas present to myself!

Thanks again :-) Have a lovely Christmas, Lisa"

Lori ordered the “GEE” bracelet, the “GARRETT & GRIFFIN” double strand bracelet, and the "JSE, GLA, GCA" bracelet and writes: “Dear Lisa, I just want to say “thanks” for creating such adorable bracelets for me. I was so excited about them that I could not even wait until Mother’s Day to give my Mom hers. She loves it and says she will wear it every day. I know that “Gee” will also love and treasure her bracelet. Thanks also for your patience with all of my questions and for your quick responses. I will definitely recommend your site to friends and family as I have already received several compliments on my bracelet. Thanks Again, Lori”

Tara ordered the “ERIN & SHAE” and the “ENAN” name bracelets and writes:I received the bracelets today and they are so beautiful. I love them. I put mine on immediately and showed all the cats (no one else was here.. *G*). The one for Arizona is especially wonderful - the colors are perfect together and shout "earth tones" which is what she likes. You did an incredible job with both of them, as I knew you would.”

Ellen ordered the “GAIL” name bracelet and “Hematite Hearts & Stars” for her Granddaughter for her 12th birthday and she ordered the “Black Onyx” for herself and writes: “We had the party on Saturday Evening and she was absolutely thrilled. She had to have them both on right away. She was especially thrilled with the name bracelet. She said that she didn't think you could get any thing with her name. When I told that it was specially made for her she was even happier if that was possible. She says that she's only going to take them off when she sleeps. Thank you again for doing a great job. Ellen”

Christy ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: “Lisa--received my bracelet yesterday and I love it!!  It is a great compliment to my 1st one... THANK YOU!!  I appreciate your effort and promptness! Christy”

Connie ordered an “anniversary” bracelet, 2 stretch name bracelets one of which was a “graduation” bracelet, a Mom bracelet, Rose Quartz w/pearls, and a “Tangerine Opal” bracelet and writes: I rec'd the bracelets yesterday!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! Bobbie ripped open the box as soon as she signed for it! They are all beautiful! Bobbie said "Can I wear them now?" How could I say NO, you have to wait til your birthday! Of course I said YES! I put mine right on my wrist also! Mine fit and look perfect! I love em! Bobbie really likes the stretch bracelets you made! They are so easy for her to put on and are beautiffully made!! Thanks a BUNCH Lisa! Hugs, Connie PS I showed my Hubby when he got home and he thought they were very nice also!!! He really liked the anniversary one!”

Bonnie ordered a custom name bracelet and writes:Hi Lisa. Received the Nikki bracelet Wednesday. It is gorgeous. One of the prettiest I've ever seen. (my husband totally agreed) The heart charm and the pearls really add a lot of class to the bracelet. I know she is going to love it. Of course I want one just like it now, but with different color beads. Maybe someday. Thank you Lisa for another beauty. Hugs, Bonnie”

Char ordered a custom graduation name bracelet and writes: "My bracelet is just perfect and Brittnie totally loves her graduation bracelet. She was overly ecstatic to see the '2004' charm and 'Heart Extender'. It is a perfect match to her school's colors (Red and Black)."

Lori ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: “Hi again Lisa! I received my bracelet yesterday and could hardly wait to open the box and put it back on.  I appreciate you taking the time to recreate my bracelet like I wanted.  Although I loved the other bracelet, this one is EXACTLY what I hoped it would be.  It is PERFECT!!!!  Thank you so much again and I will be ordering from you again soon!! Lori”

Brandy ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: “Hi, Lisa!  My mother-in-law, aka "MiMi", loved her bracelet!  She commented on it several times throughout the night.  She really liked that we put the birthstones on it!  She loved it, and so did I.  I still get compliments on my bracelet!  You are so talented.  Just so you know, I book marked your site!  :)!  Love your work! Brandy :)”

Tammy ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for sending that out for me. The timing was PERFECT!!! She went into labor on Tuesday morning but did not deliver until 1:32 a.m. on Wednesday. It was a very loooong day! I received the bracelet on Wednesday just prior to us returning to the hospital. I was able to give it to her on his birthday -- thank you!

Regarding the bracelet - as usual it was beautiful! She was so taken by it. Her Mother-in-law immediately said "I want one". Of course I had mine on as well and the compliments were flying. You do such a good job of mixing the beads to where they compliment each other. Thanks again for working with me so that I could give her the bracelet when she delivered her 1st child. Tammy"

Angela ordered a beautiful new “BCA” bracelet and the JILLIAN name bracelet and writes: “Hi Lisa, I got the bracelets on Thursday. My mother-in-law is going to love the BCA bracelet! It is beautiful!! My sister-in-law will also love her Jillian name bracelet. I think these both are the best, most unique Christmas presents that these 2 will get this year!!! Thanks again and Happy Holidays! Angela”

Angela ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa, I got my "Debie" bracelet yesterday and I have to say this is my favorite one we have come up with!  It is so pretty!  I'm sure she will love it when I give it to her for Christmas.  I also love my Czech bracelet that I received for being your November winner.  It is very unusual and will look good with almost any color.

As always, it has been a pleasure working with you."

Charlene ordered 5 custom name bracelets and writes: "Hi Lisa! The bracelets are remarkable, as always, I love mine! The earrings are just totally beautiful, so glad I ordered them. I haven't sent my friend, traci, her bracelet yet, but will let you know her reaction, which will be of total surprise, LOL. I can't remember whom I ordered the other two bracelets for, so they are both still here in view and probably going to end up on my wrist too, LOL. Except for the 7½ sized one, it's too big for me; siggggggh. I really fancy the, pale multi-coloured one. It is my size!

Traci writes: "OMG! THANK YOU! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  I couldn't fricken believe it Char and you weren't supposed to do that...it is beautiful!"

Gail ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "Breanna loved her bracelet.....She asked me to write and thank you for spelling her name right.....No one ever does.....Thank you so much, Gail"

Wendy ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "Lisa, I just received my bracelet in the mail today. It is beautiful! Every little detail on this bracelet is elegant. Mason is my first born child so I wanted a name bracelet with his name on it. This was a Christmas present from my little boy to his new mom. Being a mother has brought a lot of joy to my life and this is just another way I can display how proud I am of my son. Thank you for your wonderful craftsmanship on this bracelet and the speedy delivery. I can't wait to show it off to everyone! I will definitely be recommending your site to all my family and friends. Thanks Again, Wendy"

Terri ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "Hi, Lisa!  I got the bracelet today and it is so beautiful!!!  My stepdaughter is here and she's small-framed like Lindsay and it fit perfectly on her wrist.  It had just the right amount of drape to it.  I can't wait to give it to her.  I'll email you after we get back from the baby shower in Nashville on the 27th and let you know how much she loved it.

Thanks so much for your help.  You are awesome!!!!!  Terri"

UPDATE: "Hi, Lisa!  I just wanted to let you know that Lindsay adored her bracelet.  She said it was the highlight of her shower.  Everyone there had a fit over it!

Thanks again for making such a beautiful and special bracelet for my daughter. Take care! Terri"

Lisa ordered another custom name bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa, Just to let you know that the bracelet was very well received. She loved it and I thought it was lovely too.

Many thanks for another piece of great jewelry! Have a good weekend, Lisa"

Carole ordered several custom name bracelets and writes: "Lisa,  I got them today!!! They are beautiful!  I am so excited!  I put mine on immediately.  It's just gorgeous.  It's better than I even imagined.  I'm so proud to wear it.  It's just my style, and it reminds me of the most important thing in my life, Jacob. 

I can't wait to give my mom her bracelet.  I'll email you back next week after I give it to her! Thanks bunches and bunches! Carole Johnson"

Megan ordered two more custom name bracelets and writes: "Lisa!!!  They are both beautiful!!!  Mine is a bit snug, but it's okay -- it keeps my other looser bracelet from falling off! =)  I love mine because the soft tone from the pearls looks elegant (and brings out my tan!).  I haven't given Typhanie's hers yet because I won't see her until Friday night, but I'm SURE she'll love it -- I'll let you know what she says!!! Thanks so much!!! -- Megan =)"

Kate ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "Lisa! I just got my bracelet! I absolutely LOVE it! You did such a great job. I was so excited when I got it. The ladies that I work with love it too and I have a feeling that you'll get a few more orders from them.

Also, I love my bracelet so much I would like to order another one for my friend Karie. She has a little girl who is two and I think that this would be a perfect gift for her. Thank you! Kate:)

P.S. Look forward to hearing from me more in the future. There are a few occasions that I would like to purchase bracelets for more friends."

Kate writes: "Hi Lisa! I got the TAYLOR bracelet on Friday and loved it! It turned out so good. I've said it before, but your bracelets look good on the web but look even better in person! Karie just loved the TAYLOR bracelet. She went around work showing everyone! Thank you so much."

Heather ordered 4 custom name bracelets and writes: "I received my other bracelets today and the pictures don't do them any justice.  They are absolutely perfect.  My little girls loves her...she loves purple.  She was so excited.  I can't want until I give her friend Wren her bracelet for her birthday.  These are perfect birthday gifts for little girls and big girls too. Thank you so much! Heather"

Amber ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "I am very happy with the bracelet. It turned out beautiful and I am so happy with how quickly I received it. Thanks for your help, it was a pleasure. Amber"

Stephanie ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "Lisa, My mom absolutely loved her mother's day bracelet!  She said it was something she will treasure forever! Thanks! Stephanie"

Angela ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "I got the package today!  Thank you so very, very much!  (It honestly took my breath away - I was almost in tears, which I normally don't do with gifts!)"

Jacque ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "I received the bracelet and I was thrilled with it! My mom loved it and we both thought it turned out beautifully. Hopefully, someday, I'll be ordering a MOM bracelet for myself ;o)! I will certainly recommend the bracelets to anyone I know...they make a perfect gift.   Thanks again, Jacque"

Heather ordered the LO, MADDIE, CECILIA, JAYCI, and pastel cat’s eye bracelets and writes: Hi Lisa, I received my bracelets today. You simply amaze me. My favorite one is the Lo bracelet. The two colors look great together. My little girl loves her multi colored cat's eye bracelet. I look forward with doing some business with you in the near future....I think I am going to have to order some of the pink and green cat's eye bracelets for myself and Maddie :)

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to make these wonderful bracelets. Heather”

Yvonne ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "Dear Lisa, I just wanted to thank you for the bracelet. The bracelet's initials were created in loving memory of a friend of mine, from our Celtic group. It's amazing how many compliments that I constantly receive. The Swarovski emerald crystals really sparkle next to the clear crystals and pearls. Emeralds just happen to be my birthstone for May. Also, the emerald crystals are a perfect reminder of my Celtic group, along with the Shamrock charm for luck. How perfect! Thank you for a beautiful and unique keepsake. I will treasure my bracelet forever. Yvonne"

Sue ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "The bracelets arrived and are just beautiful.  My friend loved her bracelet and can’t wait to visit her granddaughter in Washington to give her her’s.  thank you so much for your patience!"

Carol ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "I just received my bracelet that Lisa made for me in memory of my daughter Calin.  The Blue stones are for the month she was born which was Dec, the pink was because she was such a "special" little girl brought to us by God.  And the light purple is the month of her heavenly birthday which is February means so much to me.CAD was Calin's initials and they are right in the middle, so anyway you look at it you can see them.  I will be wearing this everyday as a reminder of just how close Calin is here with me.  It is beautiful and the work is great. Outstanding job Lisa."

Robbie ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa...my bracelet arrived today...I love it!  It's just beautiful and I can't wait to wear it.  I'm amazed at the turn around time...I had no idea the post office moved that fast.  Thanks again...I'm sure I will be ordering from you again!! Robbie"

Kate ordered two custom name bracelets and writes: "Hi Lisa! I just wanted to let you know that I received the RILEY and ERIN bracelets this weekend! I absolutely loved them. They are gorgeous. I can’t wait for Erin to get her bracelet for her birthday. I sent it to her Saturday morning, hopefully, I’ll hear from her soon. Also, I will see Courtney next week and I can’t wait to give her her RILEY bracelet. I know that she’ll love it!!! I will e-mail you and let you know what they think. I know that they’ll love them too."

Update: Hi Lisa. Erin really liked her EMILY bracelet. The bracelet was really beautiful. It does look better in person than it did on the website. I just loved it. Thank you once again for such great service. You should be very proud at what you do because you do a wonderful job and you’re a pleasure to work with. Thanks again, Kate"

Karen ordered several custom name bracelets and writes: "Hi Lisa, The bracelets are fabulous!  I just love them and can't wait to give them to the grandmothers.  They are prettier than I even expected. Can't wait to get mine. Thanks again! Karen"

Tina ordered two SPECIALTY bracelets - "Tanzanite Dream" and "Purple Paradise", along with wine glass charms with sterling silver softball/baseball charms and writes: “Aloha Lisa! Received my bracelets yesterday!!! LOVE THEM!!! My goodness! And the wine charms! They are really cute w/ the softball charms I asked for! They are really dainty and YES, now I'll have to order another bracelet with the softball charms now! Ok, will need to save some more pennies now... Mahalo!!! Hugs, Tina”

Connie ordered an “anniversary” bracelet, 2 stretch name bracelets one of which was a “graduation” bracelet, a Mom bracelet, Rose Quartz w/pearls, and a “Tangerine Opal” bracelet and writes: I rec'd the bracelets yesterday!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! Bobbie ripped open the box as soon as she signed for it! They are all beautiful! Bobbie said "Can I wear them now?" How could I say NO, you have to wait til your birthday! Of course I said YES! I put mine right on my wrist also! Mine fit and look perfect! I love em! Bobbie really likes the stretch bracelets you made! They are so easy for her to put on and are beautiffully made!! Thanks a BUNCH Lisa! Hugs, Connie PS I showed my Hubby when he got home and he thought they were very nice also!!! He really liked the anniversary one!”

Jen ordered 2 “crackle” bracelets and writes: “Lisa, I got the bracelets thank you so much! They are beautiful and well made as always. I love the crackle beads and the multi colors. they really are spectacular! Keep up the great work. Jen”

Kate ordered a custom name bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa! I just got the EMILY bracelet that I ordered for Jenn! It is beautiful. I can’t wait to give it to her. The wonderful news is that she is being induced today so the bracelet arrived just in time.  I know that she will absolutely love it. 

Thank you again. Kate"

Kristen ordered a pair of custom best friends name bracelets and writes: "Hi Lisa!  Just wanted to let you know that I received the Best Friends Bracelets today that you did for me!  They are AWESOME!!!! Words cannot even describe how pleased I am! The pictures do not do them justice!  In the photo's, they were gorgeous, but in real life they are stunning!!!!  I know Sara is going to love hers as much as I love mine!  I put mine on as soon as I opened it, and the Thai Toggle is SO dainty!  Very feminine!!! Just what I wanted!!!!  I will let you know what Sara thinks about hers as soon as I give hers to her (hopefully, that will be today!)  You do incredible work, and I am definitely going to have you do one for my sister in law for her birthday (as soon as I get the size) and I'm sure I will have 3 or 4 more done for Christmas gifts, two will be single stand Family Tree type, and the others  will most likely be double strand!!!  I'm glad we upped the size alittle, it has a perfect amount of dangle, and I don't feel like it is too "tight" because I hate tight jewelry!!!  Thanks again!!! **Feel free to use my testimony too** I have been telling everyone I know about your site!!!!!  TTYL!  Kristen"

Lisa ordered the Bali frame rectangular bracelet, the Chinese Crystal bracelet and a Black Diamond, black pearls, and Bali bead bracelet and writes: “Hi Lisa, Received the 3 bracelets today and they are great! The Frame bracelet is beautiful and so different. Again it's lovely and weighty but the design is just the best ;o) The Chinese Crystal bracelet is so pretty and it catches the light beautifully, I love it. Perfect colours for summer. The other one is lovely too. I think the bracelet would work better with bigger beads...maybe 6mm or even 8mm. That would really bring out the design I think. Thanks again for a fab set! Hope you get some more Bali stuff in (like the frames) that would be cool ;o) Lisa”

Robin ordered the “Chinese Crystal” bracelet and she was the May bracelet drawing winner and choose the “Pastel Cat’s Eye Cubed” bracelet and writes: “Oh my! Lisa, these are just gorgeously delicate! The square cat’s eye crystal is mesmerizing to the eye….I love it! I didn’t realize they would complement each other. I’ll be able to wear them together if I want. They are the perfect colors for summer! Thanks again for your talents!!!!!….‘til next time…………”

Karen ordered the "Pastel Cat's Eye rounds" bracelet and writes: Hi Lisa, I just want to let you know that the Pastel Cat's Eye bracelet has arrived in the mail today. I am totally thrilled with how it looks and to be honest was amazed at just how pretty it is. I know I will be wearing it all summer long--as it will go perfect with just about everything. Thanks so much for yet another gorgeous bracelet--undoubtedly, I will be watching your pages for future purchases. Thanks again and have a wonderful day. Karen

Lynda ordered two bracelets from the sales page “Chinese Crystals” and “Purple Paradise” and writes: Howdy-- Bracelets arrived--and I am soooo impressed.. Had to give my DIL hers and she really liked it--the purple cats eye--This pastel is a looker! Thank you so very much--and so prompt! More to come--later.. ;o) Lynda”

Bonnie ordered a “Blue Iris Glass”, a “Cat’s Eye Multi”, and a “Cat’s Eye” with blues & Bali bracelet and writes: “Hi Lisa. I just opened your bracelet package last night (I'm sure it arrived Saturday but we havent checked the mailbox until now)    I absolutely love them all.  The blue cats eye is a gift for someone, but I want one for myself.  Can you make me 3 more, exactly like it, size 7 1/2??   I also need a pastel cat's eye with the toggle, size 7 3/4.  (Tammie loves mine) Thank you so much. Hugs, Bonnie”

Bonnie ordered 3 cat’s eye bracelets, (2) multi-colored cat’s eye bracelets, and a pastel rounds cat’s eye bracelet and writes: “Hey Lisa. My bracelets arrived today. That was really fast. I absolutely love them all. The blues and pastels are beautiful. The black and white is even prettier than I thought it would be. I think that I am going to order some for Christmas (maybe 5, exactly like mine) Perfect for the girls at work. Hugs and many thanks for everything. :-)))))))) Bonnie”

Milissa ordered 2 Peridot anklets and writes: “Hi Lisa, I love the bracelets.  Thank you so much for getting them here on time.  I will be in touch in the near future for some additional purchases. Take care and thanks again.”

Brenda ordered 5 charms and writes: “Hi, Lisa! Just a quick note to let you know; that I received my charms, today. Wanted to let you know; that I've had time, finally, to stop and open my package of charms. Lisa; they are "adorable" and of much better quality, than I had expected....for such a low price. I can't wait; to find the charm bracelet, I have packed away somewhere, and attach them to it. This bracelet is going to be, just what I had wanted and with the charms I ordered. Thank you; so much, for finding these charms and selling them, when you did. They are perfect and I'm so pleased to have them. Take care. Thank you, again. Sincerely, Your Friend, Brenda”

Jane ordered a ’HOPE’ cancer awareness bracelet, ’Vitrail & Emerald Beauty’, and another ’One-of-a-kind’ bracelet that she had ordered before and writes: “HI Lisa got the bracelets they are fantastic like always. I went to the post office yesterday to pick them up the guy said what in the world is in the box said 3 bracelets LOL. I hope you have a very nice weekend. Jane”

Lucy ordered 2 anklets and writes: “Hi Lisa, the anklets arrived and they look great!! Thanks for your careful attention. I'll try to send you some business!! Thanks again, Lucy”

Lynda has ordered a number of bracelets from me in the past and writes: “Hi Lisa, I have sent in testimonials on the items you have made and sent to me--now, I want to send in a different kind of testimonial.......one on STRENGTH. I can attest to this, as I sit on my porch and watch my critters (chickens, turkeys, etc)..and feed bread to them. I have a hen turkey that is exceptionally tame, and likes to eat her bread sitting on my lap. She has pulled my white gold earring out and somehow it has disappeared through the boards on the porch. She also loves to try and eat my pastel bracelet. She tugs pretty hard...I was afraid, at first, she would break it. She is pretty strong--but whewwwwww, because of your workmanship and the weight of silver you use.......it is still on my wrist. So if anyone is afraid of breaking theirs--It would take something a lot stronger than a turkey pulling--and believe me--they have some power in those beaks. ;o) Lynda”

Ellen ordered two key chains and an anklet and writes: “The key chains and anklet arrived yesterday. They look GREAT!!! I was going to give both the Key chains as gifts but I might just keep one for myself. Thank you Ellen”

Gem ordered 3 "BCA" key chains and 2 "best friends" key chains and writes: “I am pleased to say on my return the keyrings I had ordered had arrived.  They are fantastic and I am over the moon with them thank you so very much.”

Joanna ordered a ‘HOPE BCA’ bracelet, 6mm Leopardskin Jasper, and a Rose Quartz with pearls bracelet and writes: “Lisa, I absolutely love the HOPE bracelet!! I have been wearing it since they arrived yesterday. I can't wait to see both my daughter's reactions when they find the beautiful bracelets you made (I hid them in new Christmas towels for each of them~lol!~) under the Christmas tree. The bracelets are so distinguished looking and extremely well made, now I want another Swarovski in the 6mm for myself.

Thank you so much Lisa. It seems like we have known one another forever, (5 or 6 years!). Thank you for the many times you have helped me with Hope4KidZ, whether helping with a contest... back in the beanie days!~ and those were THE days, creating graphics for the Memorial Wall (which means so much to individuals who have lost a child they love), and just being willing to assist if I ask, and following through when you say you will help; You have made my world a better place. The World NEEDS more people like YOU...…”

Bonnie ordered 4 bracelets and writes: “Hi Lisa. Love the bracelets!! So pretty. Thank you so much. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. Bonnie”

Gem ordered a 'BCA' anklet, ladybug specialty bracelet, and several 'BCA' keychains and writes: “Hi Lisa , The bracelets! WOW where do I start! LOL.  The ladybug bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and I know she will love it as it has beautiful ladybug charms on and the stones are beautiful it is a masterpiece! I can’t wait to see her face on Xmas day LOL.  The BCA anklet is gorgeous I am going to have to order one for myself in the New Year.  It is the perfect gift for my sister as she has been through Mum’s cancer like we all have and she still wears the last patriotic anklet I bought her all the time so I just know she is going to love this one!  The BCA key chains are fantastic I am giving this one to a friend of mine whose father is suffering from cancer so I know it will bring her hope and a smile to her face.  Thank you so much for another amazing batch of jewelry you really are an angel you go out of your way to help us all find the perfect gift and the effort and time and attention to details is really amazing.  Your work is stunning and I see myself as a permanent customer of bracelets by Lisa, you go girl! *hugs*”

Charlene ordered 5 bracelets and a pair of earrings and writes: “Hi Lisa! The bracelets are remarkable, as always, I love mine! The earrings are just totally beautiful, so glad I ordered them. I haven't sent my friend, traci, her bracelet yet, but will let you know her reaction, which will be of total surprise, LOL. I can't remember whom I ordered the other two bracelets for, so they are both still here in view and probably going to end up on my wrist too, LOL. Except for the 7½ sized one, it's too big for me; siggggggh. I really fancy the, pale multi-coloured one. It is my size!”

Ellen ordered four more key chains and writes: Lisa, The Key Chains arrived the other day. They look Great!! I'm sure the people I'm giving them to will love them as well. Thank you again for a beautiful good. Ellen

Wanda ordered a handmade charm bracelet with 8 charms and writes: “Lisa I received my charm bracelet yesterday and it was as pretty as i thought it would be...When i got it i put them on the bracelet right then and i am wearing it as we speak..I get so many compliments on how pretty it is. Thank you again. Wanda”

Annette ordered 12 "patriotic" bracelets for her wedding party and writes: “I absolutely loved them! They turned out better than expected! I can't wait to give them to my bridesmaids! Thank you so much! Annette”

Megan ordered two different BCA bracelets and writes: “Hi Lisa, I absolutely love the bracelets (as always)! I gave the bracelet to my aunt on Saturday and she slipped it on immediately! You should be so proud of your work because she NEVER wears any jewelry other than a family crest necklace and for her to love the bracelet and wear it all the time to is a great compliment! She loved the message behind it and the fact that you rushed to get it done so I could give it to her right after her surgery! Thanks so much!!! -- Megan =)”

Elvira ordered a specialty bracelet and 3 "$10 specials" and writes: “Dear Lisa: I just received my package and the bracelets are beautiful. Thank you, your craftsmanship is exquisite.  I am sure  that I will enjoy these pieces for years to come.  Sincerely, Elvira A”

Terri ordered a “Baby Blue for You” with a sterling silver “MOM” charm and writes: “Dear Lisa, Thank you so very much for the beautiful "Mom" bracelet that you did for my daughter-in-law. It is absolutely beautiful and what a wonderful surprise we were able to give her after the birth of her son. Your work, efficiency, and professionalism are awesome. Thank you, Terri Miller”

Melissa ordered Sea Mist with the Chinese long life charm and a rectangular rose quartz bracelet and writes: “Dear Lisa, A very good friend of mine told me about you recently.  I had noticed that she had been wearing some beautiful and unique bracelets over the past couple of months, so when I asked her she told me about you.  That night I browsed your website and found several bracelets I wanted.  I ordered 2 bracelets in the next day or so.

Well, I received those two bracelets I ordered from you.  They are sooooo beautiful.  And I'll say it again and again...The pictures do not do them justice!  I ordered the "Sea Mist" with the "Long Life"charm for me.  I love it because it is unique!  Adding the charm to it really changed the look of it.

In addition I ordered the rectangle "Rose Quartz" with polished silver beads and a heart charm for my mothers birthday in October.  She will love it.  It is as divine as she is.

There are 2 things that are very important to me, customer service and quality of work.  you satisfied both!  I appreciate everything, from the way you responded to each one of my e-mails, to the way you answered all my questions, to the e-mail you send me when you mailed of the bracelets, to the very professional way the bracelets came packaged in the mail.  With customer service like that you can be assured I will be back for many more items, as well as tell others about ya.

Thank you for being so professional and helpful.  I have a list of other things I would like to order and can not wait to work with you on those orders!” Melissa from Houston, Texas

Kate ordered a SAM bracelet (which I forgot to take a picture of) and writes: "Hi Lisa! I got my Sam bracelet last night! I absolutely love it!!!! It fits perfectly. I wore it to work today and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. I passed on your name and website. Hopefully, you’ll get a few more orders. Thank you again. Kate"

Karen ordered 3 anklets and writes: "Hi Lisa, The anklets are beautiful!  I really love the colors and the rainbow flourite was definitely worth the wait.  Have to say that I agree with a lot of your customers, they're even nicer in person than they are online. Thank you so much for all your help."

Mairead ordered 6 bracelets with matching earrings and writes: "Lisa, I almost don't know where to start with the testimonials.  It was more than luck meeting you and your mom on the cruise last November.  Last October I had gone to a craft's fair at home and saw personalized mother's bracelets for the first time.  After I bought 4 of them I wished I had gotten even more.  When I found out you made bracelets and offered a lot more options than I thought possible, I was intrigued.  After I came home I looked up your website and was amazed at all of the possibilities.  It was difficult to choose from so many options. 

Selfishly since I don't have kids I started with an aunt's bracelet for me.  I had bought mother's bracelets for my sister's and sisters-in-law and wanted something similar for myself.  I loved the look of your bracelets with pearls and silver beads. So I chose a double stranded bracelet with a combination of the initials of my nieces, nephews and godson names with pearls and silver beads; one strand with white pearls for the girls and one strand with black pearls for the boys.  When I saw that you also made earrings I had to get a matching pair. The set looks great and I love to show it off! 

Next I looked for a bracelet for my mom.  You had mentioned a family tree bracelet and it is perfect.  On one side of the bracelet are the 6 birthstones for my siblings and me.  On the other side are the birthstones for the 7 grandchildren.  The center point of the bracelet is the large ruby crystal which is my mom's birthstone.  To highlight each side we added a Mom charm and a Grandma charm.  My mom was speechless.  Like many other moms and grandmothers, she has a necklace with birthstones for the grandkids, but her family tree bracelet is a unique treasure she can show off to all of her friends.  Family means everything to my mom and the bracelet is a treasured reminder of those that are most important to her. 

My sister-in-law Lisa doesn't have any kids so I decided to pick a bracelet with her birthstone.  I noticed your Tanzanite Dream bracelet and loved the design.  I swapped ruby crystals for the tanzanite and added matching earrings.  My sister in law was delighted and touched. 

I had purchased a mother's bracelet for my sister-in-law Debe for Christmas but I wanted to get her something for her birthday which is December 28.  Like the bracelet I chose for Lisa, I decided on the Tanzanite Dream bracelet and swapped the the tanzanite crystals for the rich gray-blue of the Montana crystals.  I added the matching earrings and the set was complete.  Debe is very sentimental and was overjoyed with her gift.  She doesn't have very much silver jewelry and loved the combination of the Montana crystals and silver. 

The last bracelet I chose was for my boss's wife.  I loved the classy look of the pearls and silver beads so I chose a double strand bracelet: one for her son Aiden and one for her daughter Olivia.  I also added the extender chain with the heart since I wasn't exactly sure of her size.  The addition of the earrings made a great set.  She was thrilled. The unique styling and personal nature of the gift were a real hit. 

I can't remember the last time I had so much fun planning gifts for Christmas.  Deciding to do the same gift for all of the women in my family was new for me.  Being able to do the same gift but personalize each one as opposed to just buying something generic was great.  In a way it is a bond we all now have that links us together as family. 

When my sister-in-law mentioned that my niece was making her First Holy Communion, I knew right a way what to get for her to commemorate the occasion - a bracelet.  As usual you knew just what to suggest and when I saw your angel earrings I knew they would be perfect the perfect addition - she'll love them. 

Lisa you made the process as seamless as possible.  Your attention to detail, suggestions and followup made the experience a joy and the planning was fun!  You could give lessons in customer service. You're great!!! 

Thanks for everything, Mairead"

These bracelets and earrings can be found on the NAME BRACELETS & SPECIALTY BRACELETS pages.

Lynda ordered 2 bracelets and writes: "Hi Lisa, The beautiful cat's eye pastel bracelet and purple/turquoise crackle bead bracelet both arrived today and I just love them! They fit just perfectly as you said they would. They will make for great accessories to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Thank you for all your helpful communications and speedy delivery. Always a pleasure doing business with you! Lynda"

Leonore ordered 3 pastel cat's eye stretch bracelets and writes: "Lisa, I got the bracelets and they are PERFECT!  I love them, you are the best...I plan to order some more soon, my favorite is the one w/ all the mixed pastel color. And the size is perfect too...thank you so much, I appreciate all your help and patience and generosity, not to mention how talented you are...once I get settled back in LA I'll write you to ask about placing another order...have a great weekend and all my thanks...best, Leonore."

Cathy ordered a set of 'MOM' earrings with all the kids birthstones and writes: "Hi Lisa, Just wanted to let you know how much my Mom LOVED her birthday earrings (she cried, too!) Next up is something for me and bracelets for my sister and niece for Christmas, and probably a few other folks in between.

Thank you for the all your helpful input, great customer service and, most of all, the beautiful work you do to make these gifts so memorable.

All best,

Deneen ordered a 4th specialty bracelet and the pair of earrings she won for the October drawing and writes: "Hi, I have loved everything that you have made and can't wait to give to my friends.  I'll let you know what there reaction is.  Each gift is so individually personalized they are perfect.  My SIL will get the earrings on Saturday and I have plans with my girlfriends for the first week of December. Thanks again, Deneen"

Pam ordered a white cat's eye bead and sterling silver bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa, I received my bracelet today and OH MY GOD, I LOVE IT. Thank you so much. It will look so good with my earrings.

I am sure I'll be using you again in the near future.


Marge ordered a specialty bracelet with a sterling bear charm and writes: "Dear Lisa, I received my beautiful bracelet, my gift box from Rose, and my hubby came home from the hospital. What a wonderful day...thanks, Marge

PS: Your bracelets are so neat. I put this one on my wrist right next to my "Marge" bracelet from several years ago."

Scott ordered a double-strand specialty bracelet and writes: "Dear Lisa, The bracelet I ordered from you made my wife very happy. It earned me some extra brownie points too. The fit was perfect and the craftsmanship was too. Thanks so much for such an easy and delightful business transaction.

Scott in New York"

Carlene ordered a custom specialty bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa, My mom loved the bracelet!  It was the perfect Mother’s day gift, the stones that I chose represented my birthstone, my brother’s and my son’s birthstones.  I never would have been able to find a pre-made item with exactly those stones on it, so this bracelet was really special to her.  The craftsmanship was wonderful, I can’t wait to order something else!!  Thanks!"  

Carolyn ordered 3 bracelets & 2 pair of earrings and writes: "I ordered three bracelets and two pairs of earrings and Lisa spent a lot of time providing options for me to choose among.  When she emailed the photos taken before the items were finished I could hardly wait to receive the order in the mail.  I ordered a sapphire cuff bracelet with matching earrings, a denim bracelet with matching earrings, and a purple bracelet of several shades.  Lisa had my order shipped very quickly and all of the items are truly gorgeous.  I'm already planning a future order and sometime soon my college age daughter wants jewelry of her own.  Thank you, Lisa.  Carolyn"

Tanya ordered a double strand bracelet and writes: "Hi Lisa - got the bracelets and they are so nice!!  I want to wear mine now but gave to the husband so he and the kids can "give" it to me at xmas.  Told him I made it easy for him this year by getting my own present.  Let you know what my aunt and friend think of theirs.  Thanks so much!!!  And happy holidays - hope they are enjoyable for you and your family!  Tanya"

Susanne ordered a cat's eye bracelet to surround a pendant that she provided and writes: "Hi Lisa, The necklace came today.  Another beautiful piece - thank you very much! Susanne"

Deb ordered several bracelets and writes: "Lisa ~  I just got the bracelets!  They are perfect - just what I was hoping for - delicate and beautiful.  My mom is going to give them out this Mother's day weekend.  Thanks again. ~ Deb"

Lori ordered a custom FRAME bracelet and writes: Lisa - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bracelet!! It fits perfectly and is exactly what I wanted.  Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. I will definitely be back for more!  Thanks again, Lori

Glenda ordered a frame bracelet with her kids' birthstones, 2 $10 specials, "Citrus Fruit", "Rainbow Chubs", and a sterling silver dangle bracelet and writes: "Hey Lisa!!!  I received my bracelets on Friday and I LOVE THEM!! Thanks so much!  My daughters love their bracelets have been wearing them everyday since I gave them.  So sorry I didn't write sooner, been busy with father's day stuff. 

We are very happy!  I will be back to shop again soon!  Take care!!!  Glenda F. from Ohio"

Melinda ordered several bracelets and writes: "I received the bracelets today.  I'm sure you've heard it a hundred times, but "they're perfect."  I can't wait to send them to my sister and neice.  They will be so excited.  And being that they are for cancer awareness makes them just that much more special.  Thank you so very much.  I'm already looking for an excuse to place another order.  There's got to be a birthday coming up for someone.

Until my next order, Thank You again.  Melinda"

Gerry ordered a bracelet for her daughter and writes: "lisa,  sorry i didn't get back to you ..i saved it til my daughters birthday..needless to say it was a big hit..she really loved it....and the boys had fun giving it to her ...thank you for all the trouble i put you through and corresponding with me on this computer which i dont know much about....i will certainly recommend you to my friends about these bracelets it is really nice.... thanks again for all you did and you do beautiful work....sincerely , gerry"

Jennifer ordered several bracelets and writes: "Lisa, I wanted to let your future customers know how great you are.  Let me start by saying your communication is spot on.  You really do care about what your customers want.  My sister loved her double-strand bracelet and brags about it all the time so expect more orders forthcoming. She was very pleased with the quality since she had a bracelet made by another vendor which fell apart after only a few months.  My mother enjoyed her grandmother bracelet.  She wears it with pride daily.  I am enjoying my bracelet as well.  I will recommend you to my friends and family for future orders.  Thank you for including the extra business cards I asked for.  I love how you send each bracelet in it's own bag with your card.  A very happy customer in CA, Jennifer Costas"

Paula ordered several bracelets and writes: "Lisa: I just got the bracelets and I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am.  They are absolutely beautiful, especially my Autism Awareness bracelet.  I love it so much that I think I may order a few more for my family members as Xmas gifts.  I will contact you two paychecks from now, okay?

Thanks again for everything.  Now that I have the new e-mail address, I should be easier to reach.

All the best,


Melinda ordered a graduation bracelet for her daughter and writes: "Hi Lisa, my sister recommended your web site and I am so glad she did.  I have looked at many different web sites to try and find a bracelet for my daughter for a special and memorable graduation gift.  Your prices are fantastic and the quality is better than expected.  I have to tell you that my daughter absolutely loves her graduation bracelet.  I couldn't wait to give it to her.  LOL  I know that I will be a repeat customer and will be sure to pass along your web site to others.  Sincerely, Melinda"

Janet ordered the angel earrings and writes: "The angel earrings are absolutely adorable.  They are the perfect size and color.  I truly love them and won't hesitate to order from you again.  You ship fast and in my book, you get an A+.  Keep up the good work.  Janet"


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