Have you ever been misplaced your wine glass and had to ask which one was yours? These charms will solve this problem in an elegant way. Wine glass charms can be found in many stores and are very popular. They can be used for coffee cups, wine glasses, any other stemware. Many retail and online stores sell wine glass charms that are made with plastic or metal/pewter beads and silver plated and they cost a LOT more than the wine glass charms I make. I will make your wine glass charms with popular cats eye beads or Miyuki Japanese beads and I only use sterling silver beads.

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These wine glass charms go on the stem of a wine glass. The picture above shows you how you can display the charms on a wine bottle when they aren't being used. The picture below shows you how the charm looks on a wine glass.

There are 6 wine glass charms per set.

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What you will receive: 6 wine glass charms and a chain (as seen above) to 
display your charms on your wine bottle when they aren't being used!

These charms would make a great house warming gift, hostess gift, or simply give a set to your friends or family that are wine connoisseurs. You can give these charms by themselves or make the gift even better if you put a set of these charms on a wine bottle and give that as the gift.
$7.50 per set


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your choice of 6 colors
TOP: blue lined with metallic silver, peridot with olive green lining, clear lined with violet, jet metallic iridescent (this color has purples, blues, pinks, greens, etc. It's hard to pick up in the picture)
BOTTOM: white frosted, blue lined with violet, clear lined with metallic teal, light frosted blue


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TOP: baby blue, aqua, medium blue
BOTTOM: purple, green, mint green

NOTE: There are 17 different colors of 6mm Cat's Eye beads to choose from. Take a look at the colors on the CAT'S EYE BRACELETS page.

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