The Ox or the Buffalo sign symbolizes prosperity through fortitude and hard work. A person born during this year will be dependable, calm and methodical. A patient and tireless worker, he sticks to routine and conventions. Although he is generally fair-minded and a good listener, it is difficult to make him change his views as he is stubborn and often has strong prejudices.

Still, because of his steady and trustworthy character, the Ox person will be entrusted with positions of authority and responsibility. He will not fall short where duty calls. As a matter of fact, he should be careful not to get carried away. Beneath his somewhat modest but neat appearance, the Ox shields a resolute and logical mind. His intelligence and dexterity is hidden by the reticent and undemonstrative front. But in spite of being basically an introvert, his forceful nature can turn him into a commanding and eloquent speaker when the occasion arises. In times of turmoil, his presence of mind, refusal to be intimidated and innate self-confidence will restore order. He walks with his head held high.

A person born under this particular sign is systematic. He adheres to fixed patterns and has great respect for tradition. In fact, he tends to do exactly what is expected of him and is so predictable, that he may be unfairly criticized for a lack of imagination. But the dutiful Ox knows that only through doing things in their proper order can he hope to achieve lasting success. His is the uncluttered mind. You won't find him muddling through life depending on his luck to pull him through. What people born under the other signs may accomplish by guile and wit, the Ox-born will by sheer tenacity and dedication. You can rely on his promises; once he gives his word, he will stick by it. Public opinion means little to him. He will apply himself wholeheartedly to whatever task he is doing and finish the job. He detests loose ends.

The Ox can be terribly naive about affairs of the heart. He cannot fully comprehend the entrapments of love, much less employ enticing strategy and other allures to plead his romantic cause. Don't expect lyric poetry and moonlight serenades from him. He just doesn't have the right chemistry for these sort of things. Even his presents are likely to be strong and durable wares: unpretentious and long lasting.

Because they are traditionalists, the Ox man and woman will also be inclined to long courtships. It takes time for them to develop intimate relationships. They are slow to warm up and reveal their true feelings. The Ox man may be a knight of the most distinguished order, a gentleman of the highest caliber, but he can turn into a fumbling, tongued-tied lad when it comes to wooing his fair maiden.

But if you marry him and place your trust squarely on his shoulders, he will never disappoint you; he will stick by you faithfully all his life. You never need worry about the rent or the bills getting paid. He may not keep you in diamonds and furs but life will be as comfortable as he can make it and you will never be in need.

If you have the good fortune to marry an Ox lady, you sure picked the no-nonsense type of girl. She'll starch your collar just the way your mother does it, fold your newspaper neatly on the breakfast table every day without fail and poach your eggs to perfection. Even that "good morning" kiss may seem like nothing more than a dutiful peck now and then. But if you think of her as being boring or too set in her ways, consider this. She is neat and punctual. You will never go through married life without clean shirts or holes in your socks or having to eat burnt dinners. Honest, hardworking and above reproach, she will make an ideal wife. The checkbook will be balanced and your joint account never overdrawn. It's up to you to liven up her life and take the lead. After all, the Ox person usually performs more than his or her share. A lot of wonderful things come wrapped in plain brown paper. The Ox is one of them. Don't ever belittle the packaging. He is worth his weight in gold.

Aside from his many sterling qualities, the Ox person is also known to nurture grievances far too long. He has a long and exacting memory, and injuries can be registered down to their last detail.

Where other signs such as the Tiger, Rooster or Rat may complain vehemently when they are upset and the Sheep and Rabbit will sulk and become morose, the Ox will react by plunging himself into hard work to alleviate his misery and tension. If severely disappointed in love, he may bury himself in his work forever and lead a solitary existence instead of running the risk of ever being humiliated or rejected again.

The Ox will insist on settling his accounts. Debts will be paid to the last decimal point. If he owes you something he will never forgive himself if he doesn't show his gratitude in a tangible way. No profuse but empty phrases of appreciation from him. He considers flowery words and lavish flattery uncouth and beneath his dignity. But won't it come as a surprise to you when you find out that that gruff fellow, who barely managed to mumble a "Thank you," left you something in his will? Well, that's a typical Ox gesture for you. If anyone's actions speak louder than his words--his do.

Beware of the Ox's legendary patience, because when an Ox person loses his temper, he is really something to reckon with. It could be a terrifying experience. There will be no reasoning with him: he will act like a bull and attack anyone in his path. The only advisable thing to do is to get out of his way until he cools off. By and large, however, he is seldom given to such taxing display of fireworks unless he finds his situation truly unbearable.

At home, his word is law. He knows how to give orders as well as follow them. And he expects his directives to be carried out to the letter. He has a materialistic outlook on life, and although he may be inordinately fond and proud of his family, he demands a lot from them, too. He will use the yardstick of success and personal achievement to measure his love for them. Even though he is not easily moved by emotions, he is a good provider and is capable of great sacrifices for his family's welfare. When and where it really counts, he will not let them down.

An Ox person will always be an asset to his firm and family. He has no reason to feel insecure himself as he will be well cared for all his life. Reason dictates that one so valuable should not be left to fend for himself.

The Ox born during the day will be more aggressive and active compared to the quiet night ox. Similarly, the winter Ox will have more trying times and a leaner life than the summer Ox.

The native of this lunar sign is a down-to-earth type and will follow his head rather than his heart. So if you want to win your case, appeal to his reason and intelligence. Make a list of the pros and cons and support every request with pertinent and reliable data. Sentiments alone rarely make him change his mind. He also has a remarkable constitution and does not get sick easily. Proud and uncompromising, the Ox is disdainful of weakness in others. If he can learn to cultivate more humor and compassion, he will be much happier.

A natural-born leader and disciplinarian, he tends to be too rigid. Likely to be a self-made man, he staunchly believes everyone should pull his own weight--and no hedging about it either. At his worst, the Ox is unapproachable, inflexible and narrow-minded. His lack of tact and consideration for others coupled with a militant view of life at times could make him unsuitable for positions involving public relations, diplomacy and finesse. However, he is respected and liked for his basic honesty, unpretentiousness and steadfast principles. He inspires loyalty in all his subordinates, as no task is beneath him.

As mentioned earlier, the Ox person is not one who will go for the shortcuts. His quiet dignity and strong morals will prevent him from resorting to unfair means to achieve his goals. He will dislike asking others for help. As a matter of fact, he is so self-reliant, that you may have to beg him to accept a service.

The Ox-born has dynastic tendencies. Careful and conscientious, he builds things to last. This sturdiness in his genes will extend to his offspring and generations to come even if they are not born under the same sign. His excellent character makes him an empire builder. He will take all precautions to ensure the prosperity and survival of his lineage.

As the paterfamilias, he will lay down the laws pontifically and stand for no youthful rebellion. He builds his life around his home, his work and his country and will always prefer long-term, stable investments. Being a strict creature of habit, he is no gambler: risks and razor-thin margins unnerve him because they endanger his deep-felt need for security.

Of all the twelve signs, the colorful Rooster will bring the sunshine into the Ox's orderly life and make a splendid partner for him. Both have high respect for authority, admire efficiency and possess strong dedication to duty. These common attributes will unite them. Equally well suited will be the affectionate Rat or the wise Snake, both of whom will care deeply for the worthy Ox. Dragon, Rabbit, Ox, Horse, Boar and Monkey will also be compatible to a lesser degree with the Ox. But the Dog may find him too bland and criticize his lack of humor; the Ox himself will not care too much for the company of the capricious Sheep or the rebellious Tiger native, who in turn will resent his regimentation.

Whatever happens, one can be sure that the success enjoyed by the Ox will have been earned by his own merits. In short, the strong and disciplined Ox does not expect and will not be getting any free rides in life. This stalwart fellow will emerge a winner through his own efforts and no one should be more deserving. Top of Page

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