This is the first time Ty has released beanies as a set!

The Ox #4319
Retired 5-8-01)

Bright, patient, and inspiring to others
Often makes an outstanding parent
Snake and Rooster suit your temperament
The Goat will bring you trouble!
The Tiger #4320 (Retired 5-24-01)

You are aggressive and courageous
Often candid and sensitive
Look to the Dog and Horse for happiness
Beware of the Monkey!
The Rabbit #4321 (Retired 5-24-01)

You are the luckiest of all signs
Talented, affectionate, yet shy
Marry a Goat or a Pig
The Rooster is your enemy!
The Dragon #4322 (Retired 6-8-01)

You are eccentric and passionate
Have good health but complex life
Marry a Monkey or Rat late in life
Avoid the Dog!
The Snake #4323 (Retired 5-17-01)

Wise, intense, and very attractive
Can be vain and high tempered
Rooster and Ox are your best signs
The Pig is your enemy!
The Horse #4324 (Retired 5-29-01)

Popular and very attractive to others
Often impatient and ostentatious
Marry a Tiger early
The Rat is your enemy!
The Goat #4329 (Retired 5-17-01)

You are timid and prefer anonymity
Often elegant and creative
Compatible with Pigs and Rabbits
Beware of the Ox!
The Monkey #4328 (Retired 5-8-01)

Intelligent and enthusiastic achiever
Easily able to influence people
Seek a Dragon or Rat
Avoid Tigers!
The Rooster #4325 (Retired 5-11-01)

You are intelligent and devoted to work
Can be selfish and eccentric
Snakes and Oxen are good for you
Rabbits are trouble!
The Dog #4326 (Retired 6-8-01)

You work well with people
 Often loyal and very honest
Can be stubborn and selfish
Marry a Horse or Tiger
Beware of Dragons!
The Pig #4327 (Retired 5-11-01)

Often noble and chivalrous
Your friends will be life-long
Marry a Rabbit or Goat
The Snake is your enemy!
The Rat #4318 (Retired 5-29-01)

Ambitious yet honest, prone to spend freely
Seldom makes lasting friends
Marry a Dragon or Monkey
Avoid Horses!

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